UFFEII – Shake Your Room

UFFEII will releasing a new song on 7th January, Shake Your Room, which is a reggaeton song inspired by Latin grooves. It is available for download at UFFEII’s official YouTube channel and on Spotify. You can also buy the song on most major streaming services and music shops. The young Swedish artist is active on social media and is currently based in Malta.

A native of Sweden, Uffeii is currently based in Malta. Although he was initially a DJ, he later decided to make original music. His passion for reggaeton inspired him to start writing his first songs. “Diva” is a reggaeton track that follows the popular style. The artist has worked with a number of different artists on the project, including the producer Beatdemons and manager Aryan Roozy Talab.

Music genre

The song is a reggaeton song that reflects the music of the genre. Unlike many other reggaeton songs, Uffeii’s version focuses on a more mature dance beat, which is a more mature sound. It is also one of the most danceable songs in the genre. UFFEII – Shake your Room sounds great in any setting, from a nightclub to the bedroom.

UFFEII – Shake your room is an energetic and upbeat song that will make you want to move and dance. The lyrics are simple, yet catchy, and the vocals are powerful and catchy. It is a good way to end a party. The lyrics are also simple and easy to understand. It is a fun and danceable song. It is an enjoyable way to end a night.

The song ‘Shake Your Room’ was originally a reggaeton song. The singer was born in Stockholm, but he now lives in Malta. He initially started his artistic career as a DJ but later decided to create original songs. His love for reggaeton inspired him to write his first song, “Diva.” It is a great example of the genre.

UFFEII – Shake your room is a Swedish artist that has recently been based in Malta. He originally came from Sweden, but now makes his home in Malta. He began as a DJ but later decided to make his own music. His first song, Diva, is based on the popular reggaeton. This track was written with Beatdemons and he has worked with Aryan Roozy Talab, and Coach Patrick Kinni.

Style of popular reggaeton

The track “Shake Your Room” was created by the young Swedish artist Uffeii. It follows the style of popular reggaeton and has a strong bassline. Moreover, it has a catchy chorus that will get your dance floor rocking. It is also a great party song. It is also very easy to download and can be downloaded from any streaming service.

The song “Shake Your Room” is the latest release from a young Swedish artist, Ufuk Ekici. His music style follows the reggaeton style and is a dancehall track with a catchy chorus. The track is a dancehall song which is a great addition to any club and party. There are a lot of people who love it and will probably want to dance to it.


UFFEII is a new Swedish artist with a strong reggaeton sound. The Swedish artist, also known as Ufuk Ekici, was born in Malta and started his artistic career as a DJ. However, he decided to focus on creating his own music instead of remixing other artists’. His first song, “Diva”, is based on the reggaeton style and has a dance-floor-worthy bass line.

For more info:

Website: https://www.uffeii.com/

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Szig8S

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uffeii/

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