Understanding the workers’ compensation system in Arizona

Nothing is worse than getting injured in an accident at work. It could be the case of a trip & fall or something like losing a limb in a factor mishap. The truth is such accidents happen all the time in Arizona, and more often than not, injured workers fail to recover the due workers’ compensation benefits. For the unversed, the workers’ compensation system is a type of no-fault insurance, which employers are required to carry. If you want to find info on your rights after an accident, consider talking to an attorney. In this post, we are discussing critical aspects of the workers’ compensation system in Arizona.

Reviewing the basics

Both employees and employers have a role in how the entire workers’ compensation insurance system works in the state. If you are an injured worker, you should ensure that you inform your employer about the accident at the earliest. The employer must inform the insurance company and complete the due formalities, and you should get assistance from the employer in the process.

Get an attorney

Hiring an attorney is not mandatory to file a workers’ compensation claim in Arizona. However, there is no denying that having an attorney can improve your chances as you would be dealing with an insurance company that won’t share your interests. Your lawyer can also guide you on the dos and don’ts that you must follow. For instance, if you don’t report the injury in a short time, it can be hard to prove that you suffered the same in a work-related accident. Most of the top law firms in the state will be happy to review your workers’ compensation claim, and it is best to find an attorney with credible experience.

Claim being denied

The role of your attorney is to ensure that you don’t miss out on workers’ compensation benefits. Gathering your medical records, seeking expert opinions on your injuries, and handling the claim are things that the lawyer will do. If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, your lawyer can guide you on further steps. They can file an appeal and represent you at the dispositions. They will also share legal advice on the things you should avoid when talking to the insurance company.

While you would expect the system to give you the justice you deserve, things are not ideal in the real world. You need to have a workers’ compensation lawyer on your side to deal with the chaos.

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