Unique methods to get success in CELPIP Exam

To succeed in your CELPIP exam, you must practice a lot. Check if you do well while taking notes while listening to the audio or just want to focus on writing. Know what your best preparation method is, and then work on it. Here are some unique tips to help you prepare efficiently for CELPIP.

1. Prepare using a computer

Because the exam is completely computer-based, you must be confident using the mouse and keyboard. Use the CELPIP material shared by your trainer to prepare for the exam. Attempt mock tests on the website to get an idea of the complete exam procedure.

2. Remember, CELPIP is a common English skills exam

CELPIP assesses your ability to use English in daily life. It has no connection with literature or professional English. An amazing way to prepare for it is to step out and use as much English as possible in your daily routine.

3. Choose a wider variety of vocabulary and grammatical arrangements

Try to see the different vocabulary you can use in the writing and speaking sections. Don’t repeat one word twice in a sentence. You don’t have to master the complete dictionary- just use the words that come to your mind naturally. Try to broaden your grammatical structure, write/ state statements that differ in levels, and add variety.

4. Learn to manage time throughout the exam

The CELPIP exam is computer-based. Hence, a candidate will notice a timer on their screen showing the number of minutes left for a section. Monitor the timer to speed yourself according to the paper.

5. Verify every section

If you have time left after completing the writing, listening, and reading part, you should check the responses and ensure that you have responded to every question as precisely as possible. Try to give some time and assess the writing, ensuring there are no typos and the answer quality is good.

6. Say things clearly at your natural pace

When performing the speaking section of the exam, speak clearly in the microphone by keeping it close to your lower lips. It is natural to speak quickly when you’re nervous but try to relax yourself and speak at your natural pace. You can use the CELPIP speaking book to prepare for the exam. It will help hone your speaking skills and allow you to practice before the actual test.

7. Do not worry about the tone

The assessors are professionals, and they don’t focus on your accent. They focus on your grammar, vocabulary, and delivery responses.

8. Write notes

When appearing for the CELPIP exam, you will receive a pen and a paper. You can use it to write notes at any time during the exam. It will help you summarize ideas for your speaking and writing section. It is also good to write specific information during the listening test.

9. Concentrate on as much as you have understood

You may come across some difficult words during your listening and reading section. Do not waste your time figuring them out. Focus on common sense and focus on the simple sections.

There’s no hard and fast rule to prepare for CELPIP. Just perform your usual, and you will definitely score great marks.

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