Video KYC Services – How Businesses can Secure Onboarding Procedures

Businesses in today’s world have benefited from several rewards from technological innovations. On the other hand, digitization has also made it easier for fraudsters to try new techniques for breaching security. Companies that use old methods will attract criminals who want to make money by misusing their essential credentials.

Moreover, businesses need to use the most up-to-date video KYC verification techniques to improve the onboarding process while restricting fraudsters at the bay. New innovations are more accessible to practice in the technological era due to the growing number of intelligent devices. In addition, businesses can ensure compliance with AML/KYC rules to avoid attackers. In some cases business owner outsource this services and third party will do KYC on behalf of their client and third party need to send quotation to the business owner for KYC services which depends on monthly of quarterly basis

Video KYC- A Short Overview

Video KYC system helps banks and other financial firms to verify the identities of their customers. It allows banks to eliminate the risk of fraud and identity theft by capturing a person’s face and verifying them in real time. Moreover, this technology can help businesses to create a complete overview of a user by comparing its appearance in the video with other taken photographs. 

However, the video KYC process holds significance in making online payment transfer systems foolproof while fulfilling client issues, securing onboarding, and enhancing customer service. In addition, using sophisticated technologies criminals are capable of carrying out spoof attacks and deep fakes to manipulate security systems. thus, video KYC can offer competitive advantages by offer anti-spoofing solutions

The most up-to-date Know Your Customer solutions are necessary for businesses to ensure their customers’ IDs are safe from attackers. As a result, it allows companies to provide their services only to authenticate clients. Thus, the organization can enhance its business while using this latest technology. 

How Video KYC Services can help Banks and Businesses?

Banks can use video calls to conduct online KYC checks and authenticate important user data. Banks use video-based KYC to analyze customer security before doing business. The only reason to use video KYC is to minimize the risk of financial fraud like money laundering and other forms of cyber theft. 

Studies show that the overall profitability for Video KYC will grow into the millions, helping banks to develop their skills. To accomplish this, it uses the following method:

  • The Video KYCmethod is excellent for onboarding remote customers. Moreover, it is the most secure method to authenticate the users’ information before getting them onboard.
  • The video KYC will save time and money because companies will no longer need to visit several sites to verify clients.

How Video KYC Services Work?

Banks and other financial firms use Know Your Customer (KYC) practices to confirm the identity of their clients. However, they can do this faster and more accurately using video verification. Companies are actively adopting video KYC as a method of verifying IDs because it is more accurate than modern techniques. The Video KYC process has clear advantages for financial firms like banks due to being faster, simpler, and safer. 

Furthermore, they can also use video technology to verify customer IDs using biometrics like face recognition and eye scanning. Let’s do a quick overview of how firms use it.

  • Registration

Clients who want to use a bank’s services, such as opening accounts, taking loans, and claiming insurance, must register. Thus, it is increasingly essential to ensure legitimacy and safety before onboarding a new consumer. In addition to allowing for faster onboarding, the video KYC process can significantly boost customer satisfaction

  • Profile Feedback

Banks must acquire the client’s name, security code, contact details, and address for security and smoother processes. Therefore, video KYC is the most secure verification method because of its speed, accuracy, efficiency, and usage in modern payment solutions. 

  • Face-to-face Online Call

With video KYC, we can verify your identity with a video recording rather than just a photo.

Moreover, many banks now use it as their primary identity verification technique. Thus, businesses should implement KYC video identification processes to eliminate the risk of financial loss or data misuse.

  • Verification

The business officials can verify clients on call by reviewing the physical document. Moreover,  the client must provide the address, ID, and security credentials to complete verification. 

A video KYC process is an effective means of keeping sensitive client information safe. However, maintaining clients’ verification and trust requires completing all appropriate steps.

What is the Importance of Video KYC?

Video KYC allows firms to verify the accurate authenticity of users’ identities. It helps banks and other financial firms to restrict fraudsters from affecting their business. Moreover, it increases the users’ onboarding by analyzing whether they are involved in illegal activities like money laundering. 

In addition, organizations usually use video KYC/AML during onboarding new clients. Anyhow, it will be very beneficial if organizations use it frequently.


Nowadays, organizations use video KYC to enhance customer onboarding and business growth. It also provides the secure authentication of users’ identities by analyzing their essential credentials. Many clients use fake identities to get on board.

Therefore, it also provides the users’ authentication with the identification techniques like biometrics and faces recognition to avoid fake user onboarding

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