Vograce Custom Printed Washi Tape

If you are looking to add an extra element of interest to your scrapbook layout or project, consider using a custom stickers Printed Washi Tape. These tapes can be found at most craft and scrapbook stores, and are a fun and easy way to add a splash of color and pattern to your layout. They are also eco-friendly and come in a variety of colors. You can also create your own washi tape with the materials below.

CMYK format

Custom printed washi tape in CMYK format is a great option for your DIY project. It’s easy to add a nice pattern to any surface and is eco friendly. The best part is that it’s not a replacement for regular tapes and adhesives.

Vograce, a Chinese-based firm, offers custom washi tape in CMYK format and other printing services. They have a large variety of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. You can also request a sample to check out the quality of your final product.

CMYK is the color system used in most professional printers. This color system provides accurate colour printouts.

Vograce has a standardized production process, so you know you’ll get your order in a timely manner. In addition to providing high-quality products, they offer quality control, a large selection of designs, and low prices.

Vograce washi tapes are acid-free and reusable. They can be cut to any size, and are repositionable. These products are perfect for wrapping packages or using as gift wrap.

Using the custom vinyl stickers printed washi tape in CMYK layout is a great way to add a touch of color to your home decor. There are many ways to use it, from decorating a note book to creating a background for a tabletop display.

Vograce has a large selection of stickers, including custom keychains, holographic stickers, and vinyl stickers. They also offer a variety of interestingly themed gift boxes.

Another popular product, the button pin, is inexpensive and can be placed on bags, clothing, or in your car. They can be customized for encouragement or to commemorate an occasion.

Vograce’s website also includes free samples of their products, which can be ordered to try out their products. For larger orders, they even offer coupon codes. So you can make the most of their low price and good quality.

Whether you’re using it as a giveaway, as a fun gift, or as a decorative accent, custom printed washi tape in CMYK will add a touch of color to any room. Make sure to add a little bleed to your design for better results.


If you’re looking for a great and inexpensive way to show your guests how much you care, custom printed washi tape is an excellent option. You can use it to decorate gift boxes and candy wrappers, or even to adorn your office space.

Washi is a type of adhesive tape that can be reused and recycled. It is durable and comes in a variety of colors. There are also several types of patterns, making it perfect for a wide range of purposes.

Custom printed washi tape is an eco-friendly alternative to other types of adhesive tape. The adhesive used to make it is biodegradable, which means it is more environmentally friendly.

Vograce offers custom washi tape printing. It is durable and easy to use. It can also be used to decorate and label packaging. This is a perfect solution for businesses, schools, or other organizations that want to add a little personality to their spaces.

Vograce’s tapes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be ordered in quantities ranging from 10 to unlimited.

For larger orders, Vograce also offers coupons. The website also provides a free sample service, so you can test your design before placing an order.

Vograce’s production process uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the quality of your designs. The company employs over 200 people and has over 100 pieces of production equipment.

When you order custom washi tape from Vograce, you can be assured of a high-quality product that meets your specifications. The company’s staff will work with you to ensure you’re satisfied with your order.

Vograce custom washi tape is a fun and versatile option that can be used for any purpose. Use it to decorate and label gift boxes or candy wrappers, or as a decorative item for your office.

Vograce’s custom washi tape is made from environmentally-friendly paper pulp and carbon-neutral adhesive. It is produced in an environmentally-friendly manufacturing facility.

Eco-friendly custom washi tape is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your products. It is durable and reusable, and has a relatively short production time.

Can be used to make masking tape and painter’s tape

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your office, or give your presents some color, try custom printed washi tape. It’s cheap, durable, and fun. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the paint bleeding!

Vograce offers a range of washi tape designs, and it’s easy to customize your own. The company is based in China, and has more than 100 production machines. Using its state-of-the-art technology, Vograce ensures that your design is produced to the highest quality.

Vograce also provides a free sample service, so you can try out your custom washi tape before you order. You can also use the company’s coupon codes for bigger orders.

Can be used to embellish your layout

If you want to add a splash of color to your gift wrapping or a custom print to your journal or notebook, Vograce Custom printed washi tape is a great way to decorate your items. Not only is it easy to apply and cut to your desired size, it is also durable and eco-friendly.

With a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, you can add a personal touch to your gift packaging. These stickers are available in different shapes, sizes, and patterns.

If you need to use a custom print for a particular project, you can order it through the Vograce website. Their team can help you create an exciting custom design, and they can even send you a mockup of your design for you to review.

You can order any size you need, from one meter to 10 meters. They are a great alternative to other adhesives because it can be reused and repositioned over and over again.

The best part about Vograce’s tapes is that they are printed on high-quality paper. This means that they are durable and adhere to the paper well.

When you order from Vograce, you get free shipping and a discount for bulk orders. The company is so confident in their product and the quality of their service that they offer a 90-day return policy.

Vograce offers a wide selection of products, from stickers to custom keychains. All of these items are high-quality, and they are all eco-friendly.


In addition to their wide selection of washi tapes, Vograce offers other items that can be used for your next project. For example, you can make a custom keychain that will be the perfect gift for a friend or co-worker. Your keychain can be engraved or printed with UV curable ink graphics.

Customized washi tape is a fun and affordable option. It can be used to add a pop of color to your gift wrapping, and it can be customized to look like it is glued on.

You can also use this unique item to customize your office space. Custom washi tape printing can be used to add a funky look to any room, and it is sure to impress guests.

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