Ways in Which You Can Save Energy Bills

These days one of the most difficult things that people have to face is paying off their utility bills, like that of electricity and gas. This has become like a major challenge for many people who find it difficult to pay such a high cost or price of the electricity. But there are some small changes that you need to bring into your life that can add up to or help you to make big savings on your bills. Some of the best methods to start saving on your current cost is to get smart with how you use your power supply. All you have to do is make these few changes in your home and you can save up to $500 or more a year, it also depends on several factors like the size of your home and others.

Choose Simply Switch – 

You can also connect with Simply Switch to save your energy bills. If you can follow the few changes that are mentioned below then you can reduce the use of current by 10% for a year and one of the best things you will know is that you can earn $50 rewards also. The first and foremost thing that you can do is simply turn off the unnecessary lights. If the two 100Wtt bulbs are switched off for 2 hours per day, then you can save $15 for that year and one of the best things would be if you switched to LED bulbs or lights. The next thing, that you are supposed to do is use natural light. If you have a south-facing window then it can illuminate 100 times in its area. So, if you turn off a 60-watt bulb for at least 4 hours a day then you can save $9 for a year.

Take Limited Showers – 

Then, next, you should use a task light and for that, you need to turn off the ceiling lights and use a table lamp. One of the things that you will know about track lighting is that the lights along with under-counter lights work in hobby areas and also in kitchen areas. And, for that, you can save $6 for a year. Another thing that you can do to save your energy bill is to take short showers. You all know very well that hot water is costly. If there are 2 people in your home who would cut their shower time by a minute each, then you can save $30 for a year. When shaving, washing hands, or brushing teeth, you can turn off the water. This will reduce the usage of hot water by 5% and you can save $19 for over a year or so.

Fixing Leaks and Unplugging – 

The next area where you can work is the bathroom taps. You will have to fix that leaky tap. If you fix a hot water leak in your tap then you can save up to $9 every year in the energy cost. Another easiest method is to unplug the unused electronics. Standby power can such around 10% of an average household’s yearly electricity. So, unplug the unused electronics and save $50 every year. Also, you should not use a desktop computer. Instead, you should switch to laptops which you can use 2 hours a day and you can save for a year $4. If you are using a window unit air conditioner and you are not at home or leaving the house, then turn off the air conditioner. You should turn it off for 5 hours a day and you can do that for 60 days and you will save $16. Then, if you recycle or donate your old TV, even if you are just using it for 1 hour a day. You save $10 and besides that, LCD costs you $6 a year.

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