Ways to Get Involved in a Novita Charity Partnership

There are many ways to become involved in a Novita charity partnership. From dress for success to donating to the Central District Football Club, there are many different ways you can support the organization. Novita Diamonds is an example of a company that has many different facets that make it an outstanding option. The Central District Football Club is also an affiliate club of the Novita Foundation. To learn more about the various ways to get involved in a Novita charity partnership, read on!

Dress for Success

Novita Diamonds has teamed up with this charity to support their mission and help local women gain employment. Their partnerships provide women with professional clothing, a network of support, and job interview preparation. They will also help women develop the confidence necessary to secure a new career. By making a donation to this charity, Novita Diamonds is helping women make the right first impression for their new career. Whether the woman is looking for an engagement ring or a new business suit, they can depend on their donations to make a difference.

The Novita charity partnership with Dress for Success is an important one. The Novita diamond company is donating over $1 million to the nonprofit organization in 2016 alone. Through this donation, Novita Diamonds is making a significant difference in the lives of women and improving their communities. This is an impressive feat for a company that helps empower women who are faced with numerous challenges. The donation of diamonds to the charity will not only improve the lives of women, but will help transform the community.

Novita Foundation

The Novita Foundation is an Australian-based nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities. They offer a variety of services including therapy and accommodation to people with disabilities. The foundation also provides help for children who have mobility issues through their physical rehabilitation program. Through this partnership, Novita is able to provide support to more than a million people throughout Australia. This charity partnership has also paved the way for more partnerships between local charities and non-profits.

The Novita Foundation donates money and diamonds to several charities, including Dress for Success, which helps local women find and keep jobs. This charity partnership also helps support the organization’s Your Hour Her Power campaign. Novita Diamonds has been a partner of Dress for Success for over three decades, donating more than $1 million to support the organization. Through this partnership, the company is able to provide professional clothing and help countless women achieve their goals.

Central District Football Club

The Novita charity partnership with Central District Football Club is an excellent way for both clubs to promote their community initiatives. The Central District Football Club has a long-standing relationship with Novita Children’s Services, and will be wearing special guernseys for the match. Players will be able to bid on these guernseys at a charity auction online after the game. Novita is a not-for-profit service provider that cares for children with disabilities, and its programs benefit thousands of children and their families.

The Novita charity partnership with Central District Football Club aims to raise $12,000 for the organisation. The Central District football club will hold a pre-game president’s luncheon on April 22, and will be able to toss a coin during the Anzac Round game. The game will start at 1.10pm and will include face painting, a jumping castle, and free CDFC Player posters.

Novita Diamonds

Novita Diamonds is proud to support Dress for Success by donating diamonds to their nonprofit partner. Dress for Success provides professional attire to women who otherwise may not be able to afford it. The company has been partnering with Dress for Success to help these women improve their lives and the communities in which they live. Through this partnership, Novita has helped many women succeed. Novita Diamonds is also proud to support the charitable work of Dress for Success.

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Better Giving Studio

The Better Giving Studio and Novita charity partnership are looking to create products that will empower users to turn digital spare change into monthly revenue for their favorite charities. The team’s OpenIDEO Challenge focused on bridging the gap between research and innovation in the world of everyday givers, and the Giving Multiplier is one such product. These concepts are gaining traction in the charity giving world, and the team plans to make more of these products available to the general public.


The Novita team has built a comprehensive platform for everyday givers. It is a comprehensive fundraising platform for colleges, universities, and K12 schools, and features tools to manage workplace matching funds and cryptocurrency. The Better Giving Studio’s expertise is critical for a successful charity fundraising platform. They have helped countless nonprofits raise millions of dollars through the Better Giving platform, and are excited to help make that impact even stronger.

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