Ways to Get Long and Healthy Nails

It is the same time of the year again with Covid cases spiking, people staying at home working, and studying remotely. With all the uncertainty in the air, it has also brought back a lot of spare time in hand that we rarely get while being at work. DIY trends gained major popularity during the lockdown as the social aspect of the internet has accelerated the at-home trends. With a lot of time in hand, while staying at home, people are utilizing their quarantine time to bring out the best in their skin and body care regime.

Just like body and skin, our nails need equal attention and care. And if you find your nails brittle, weak, and breaking quite often then try these easy hacks to make your nails look healthier and ensure their growth and nourishment.

Easy Ways to Ensure Nails Grow Stronger and Longer

Eat a Balanced Diet 

The food intake and the nutrients included in your diet determine the growth and health of your nails. To start from the basics, include the right amount of protein. It helps to strengthen the nails and accelerate the rate of growth. Taking an adequate amount of protein is needed to produce keratin that plays a key factor to keep the nails strong.

Use Cuticle Oil 

To ensure the overall improvement of the nails, include cuticle oil in your daily nail care. Take cuticle oil to massage your cuticles and nail bed. Cuticle oil increases the circulation around the nails stimulating the overall growth. Moreover, if you are fond of painting the nails then using cuticle oil can protect your nail paint from getting chipped and ensure their long-lasting color and shine. Use Nail and Cuticle Care by CND that is infused with jojoba oil and Vitamin E for healthier and stronger nails. It has got conditioning formula that penetrates deeper into the nails and makes the cuticles soft.

Pick the Right Nail File 

We all have a thing for well-shaped nails that look good and attractive. And to avoid nails getting chipped and breaking, always file them from time to time. Use VEGA Crystal Glass Nail File to shape the edges of the nails. They are designed for getting salon-quality, gentle and smooth nails. You can use the filer as per your choice for small shape as well as well-shaped grown nails. Make sure not to use the nail filer in a sawing motion to avoid damaging nails.

Apply Acetone Free Nail Paint

Applying bright-colored nail paints accentuates the total look of the nails with shine and smoothness. However, maintaining the health of the nail is simultaneously important. While choosing nail paint for your nails, try to pick nail paint that is enriched with natural ingredients and acetone-free. Prefer applying Nail Lacquer with high-quality formula and natural ingredients. For chip-resistant and long-lasting nail color, you can explore their different nail shades.

Upgrade the Nail Paint Remover

To remove the nail paint, ensure using nail paint remover instead of peeling off the nail paint. Avoid using nail paint remover that is made up of chemicals and harsh ingredients as it can harm the nail beds. Use Nail Polish Remover that is infused with natural ingredients and removes the nail paint along with nourishing the nails.

And that’s all! You can follow these tips to take care of your nails and make them look healthy and shiny.

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