Ways to Make Jogging Fun

Jogging is a handy, cheap, and accurate means to get a good workout, and it’s the mode of exercise that many people choose for their own health and fitness for its low barrier to entry. 

Unfortunately, frequent endurance jogging or running on a treadmill, whether outdoor or indoor, may become repetitive and, to be honest, boring. Thus leading to many people abandoning their jogging attempts. If you dislike jogging but want to reap the advantages, here are nine suggestions for making your exercises more enjoyable and involved.

1. Trail Jogging

Running on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt can be painful, and jogging on a straight path can be tedious. What is the solution? Trail running provides a lot of variation because the terrain changes and adds new physical obstacles, plus you get to see beautiful and varied landscapes. If you are a working mom, you can invest in a wholesale jogging stroller and enjoy the new side of jogging with your baby. 

2. Fartlek Training

Fartlek protocols, derived from the Swedish phrase “speed play,” call for running sprints at varied intervals, either for distance or time. Pick a distant area and run as fast as you can to reach there to break up the monotony of your run. 

You’ll be out of exhaling at the finish of your sprint, so take a stroll until your heartbeats slow down, then maintain your standard jogging pace until you’re ready for another sprint.

3. On A Track Or In A Field, Try Sprinting

Specific speed training is jogging as quickly as possible and then resting properly. Speed training necessitates a full-throttle, all-out effort. To achieve so, each sprint must be followed by a rest interval that is around five to six times the length of the sprint. 

For example, if you run 50 meters in eight seconds, you need to rest for 40-45 seconds before sprinting again. After a set of sprints, take the entire three- to five-minute rest break to restore your energy resources in order to sustain energy and 100 percent effort with each sprint.

Go for 5 sprints accompanied by 3-minute breaks, five additional sprints accompanied by 4-minute breaks, and five to seven additional sprints (plus a cool-down) to end the session are examples of a solid workout.

4. Jogging Hills

You did run hills as a kid if you participated in any outdoor activities. Hill jogging became popular among football players in the early 1980s thanks to the late Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton, who used it to develop the muscle and power needed to break tackles. 

As a result, many instructors now recommend hill jogging to athletes who want to increase their fitness. Hills repeats, while difficult, are extremely beneficial and should be included in your runs whenever possible.

5. Stair Jogging

Stair running is an efficient way to get in shape. If you reside in a flat region, you’ll be able to find an empty stadium or benches where you can run steps. When you’re on the road, seek a good set of stairs to exercise on. Jogging stairs, like jogging hills, is difficult yet gives the advantages of jogging alone without monotony.

6. Podcasts Or Stand-Up Comedy Routines Can Be Listened To

When it comes to exercising, we all have our preferred playlists, but they might become stale with time. While working out, download some podcasts or search for a favorite comedian on a service like Pandora. 

Hearing to a good podcast interview, top business discussions to open your own like led tape light ideas for business, or a brilliant comedy performance is a great method to engage the brain and distract it from the physical job you’re doing. It can also make time seem to move faster, which might assist you in logging distance or volume.

7. Agility Drills

Agility drills are an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a fun method to get a strong cardio workout without the monotony of linear running. Low to moderate-intensity motions like high knees, backpedaling, lateral shuffling, or multi-direction cone drills are examples of agility drills. 

They all can be done with or without extra equipment like resistance bands. Set up a few cones on an open, flat space, and you’ve got yourself a fun and hard agility workout.

8. Take A Hike

If you live in a neighborhood with a good trail system, putting in a good pair of hiking boots as well as a hydration pack can be a great way to have some aerobic cardiovascular endurance without such monotony of jogging. 

Hiking up and down steep slopes puts your body to the test while also allowing you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors (of which there are many). Hiking is a fantastic way to include exercise in a family activity if you have children.

9. Gamify Jogging

If you enjoy playing games, look for an app that incorporates a competitive or playful element into your workouts. For example, Zombies, Run! is an interactive game that simulates being hunted by zombies, machine guns, and the clattering of custom ammo boxes openings which can be a highly motivating method to make you’re run more difficult. 

Even if you’re not a lover of zombies, there are other applications that can help you make your run more fun—a quick Google search should help you locate the ideal ones for your needs.


Aerobic exercise is an important part of a well-balanced workout routine. Both steady-state activities, including certain chunks like trail jogging, and interval training, including such sprints or hills, can improve your aerobic capacity and deliver substantial health advantages. Also, strive to remain full of water and give heed to your environment for maximum safety and fun.

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