What are the Benefits of AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, a comprehensive online platform for cloud computing services and solutions provided by Amazon that is very cost-effective and scalable. AWS provides many cloud services which are broadly adopted, such as storing data, computing power, delivery of content, and many more to scale and grow the organization in the corporate world. It also offers a combination of infrastructure, services, and software popularly known as IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS(Software as a Service), and PaaS(Platform as a Service). AWS is used for quality development as it is widely available over 200 products and services all over the world.

Topmost services provided by the Amazon Web Services(AWS) are as follows :

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing(EC2)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Services(S3)
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon Relational Databases System(RDS)

Applications of AWS

There are many applications of AWS ranging from hyper-scale web services to the analytical apps present in big data. When you enroll in any AWS training and certification, you will become familiar with a number of applications of AWS. Some of the common uses are :

IT Enterprise

It is a task that can be operated at a very low pace. Due to various functions such as implementing servers’ consumption time for procurement, the speed of the operation decreases. Therefore, Amazon cloud services is a one-stop solution to overcome these problems and provides an appropriate space of functions. It allows the business projects to carry their secondary operations in the cloud to develop, run, and test, which enhances the operation’s speed. The projected speed is essential for the growth and development of business at a competitive edge. This flexibility is provided by AWS, the ability to launch faster.

Big Data and Websites

AWS offers a huge amount of data storage that helps to run analytics at a higher frequency efficiently. It provides an appropriate place to build data warehouses. AWS and Big Data work together to offer the good infrastructure and power required to work on high-end intelligent software. Similar to many other applications of AWS Training in Christchurch, the organization can use AWS to create and host its websites on its cloud. AWS can also be greatly used to host DNS,  CDNs, and domains.

Data Storage and Backup

One of the best applications of AWS is the storage of data on the cloud and is very easy to access. It features various layers for data storage and backups. AWS is used for achieving data for a long time, file storage and indexing, provides high-performance read and write operations, and helps to run critical business analytics. It makes your information very safe and protected and provides you with backups.

Mobile, Social Applications and Gaming

Amazon Web Services gives you entire space for mobile and social applications, which is not offered by any other cloud as by AWS. It avails you launch and scaling of applications especially such as mobile applications, e-commerce, and SaaS applications. Now technologies have changed, and AWS facilitates you with API-driven code for building very complex scaling applications. Huge computing power and the internet are used in running gaming applications; hence AWS makes available all these functionalities to provide a better gaming experience to all online gamers over the world.

Benefits of AWS

AWS makes your business expand over the marketplace in very limited initial investment. They offer you to use different subscription models to scale and grow your business infrastructures. AWS is very beneficial in every scale that may be a small,  medium, or a very large company; it’s advantageous within every sector. Some of the advantages are listed below :

 Flexible and Scalable

AWS is one such cloud that offers unlimited scaling to the users. Unlike other clouds, AWS facilitates you with all the flexibility for informational data. It offers you on-demand scaling also. With these facilities, the organization feels advantageous over planning their own infrastructure and routing or roadmaps when noticing their potential failures. A huge amount of data can easily be scaled by AWS, which is very flexibly done.

Less Investment

Since you are saved from making expenses for separate infrastructure, including many hardware and software, the cost is comparatively reduced to a reasonable initial investment because the AWS cloud offers all these functionalities. Separate management for databases is not required, resulting in a reduction of cost. This is another most significant advantage of AWS. All the information can be processed with ease in AWS.

Globally Available

There are around 20 global data centers of AWS that are managed and operated through various multiple operating zones. It has a wide chain over the digital world, and any organization can make its presence in different parts of the world. That is another reason for the popularity of AWS cloud-based services. If a US company wants to collaborate its presence in India, then this could be done using the cloud services offered by AWS in contemporary times.


There is a big confusion all around the digital world that there is low security of data over the public cloud but in contradiction to this, AWS provides many security tools and applications to strengthen your organization’s security. The organization over AWS can apply these tools to their personal IT Enterprises to enhance the security of their data. Thereby you can state that your data has significantly higher safety measures regarding other local means available over the internet.


In the above discussion, you came to know about all the major benefits of AWS. There won’t be any confusion regarding why to prefer the AWS cloud-based services. It provides you with the best data storage facilities with higher security, and you can easily host, deploy and develop your organization’s data through their IT infrastructures. It also facilitates you with all IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS functionalities. AWS is such a platform that helps in any organization’s growth and development with the pay-as-you-use structural format. So one can go freely from their business empire by taking some help from AWS tools and service features. The various AWS service list includes storage,  Databases,  networking and content delivery,  developer tools,  management tools,  computing services, and many more.

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