What are the most dangerous jobs in Seattle? 

A job is necessary, and each person needs to work and earn to provide for their family. However, with the pressure of supporting oneself and a family, we have a lot of people, especially men, who take up jobs with high risks. In this case, the government must implement safety laws as no one should lose their life or remain handicapped for life. If you are involved in an accident due to your job, you could contact a Seattle wrongful death law firm. Today we shall explore the riskiest jobs per a 2021 survey conducted in Seattle.


These are the country’s true heroes and must give their lives for its integrity and safety. Every government needs a military and defense force. Being an army officer is the most dangerous employment since the individual must fight in a war and defend the country with his life. To serve their country, they must endure war, conflicts, and opponents, among other things.


The pilots who fly the planes are always at risk of losing their lives, making it one of the most dangerous vocations in the world. They are in charge of the lives and safety of others. Changes in the weather, pilot mistakes, maintenance issues, and other factors can cause a plane to crash, endangering the lives of both the pilot and the passengers.

Installers of Electric Power Lines

Inspecting and repairing electrical lines puts their health and safety at risk, making it one of the most dangerous occupations. Because they deal with high voltage electricity and are frequently at tremendous heights, they are at the greatest danger of electric shock. There might be a power leak in the line. Because the power wires are often relatively high, there is also a risk of falling.

Employees of the Construction Industry

Construction workers face several dangers on the job. They must do labor at heights with little protection and risk death if they fall. They must also work with cables and risk receiving electric shocks. They must transport large goods from one location to another and slipping, or tripping can result in serious injury.

In the end, the selected job is in your hands. Do not compromise on your dream job because you are scared that something terrible will happen. Accidents do take place in these jobs; however, they are rare.

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