What Diabetic Medication Causes Hair Loss

Managing your blood sugar and managing stress are essential if you want to stop diabetes-related hair loss laws4life. Fortunately, there are many medications and treatments that are effective for diabetic hair loss. These include injections of immunosuppressive drugs and corticosteroids. These medications work by slowing the effects of autoimmune attacks on your scalp. Alternatively, you can get a hair transplant. Although expensive, this treatment can help you regain your lost hair lawyerdesk.

In diabetes, blood vessels become damaged, so blood flow to the hair follicles becomes insufficient, resulting in increased hair loss. Because blood flow is restricted, hair follicles aren’t supplied with the necessary nutrients and oxygen they need to grow properly lawyersmagazine. In addition, diabetes causes physical and emotional stress, which affects the growth of hair. Diabetes also causes an immune response that attacks hair follicles.

Metformin is a common drug used to treat diabetes publiclawtoday. This drug also reduces the amount of sugar produced by the liver. It has been linked to isolated reports of hair loss. Other side effects include loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. Metformin may cause a reduction in folate and vitamin B-12 levels, both of which contribute to hair loss.

People with diabetes may experience loss of hair because insulin levels increase. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar bestlawyers360. If the blood sugar levels are high enough, they can damage the blood vessels that feed hair follicles.

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