What do you use a VPN for?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a popular Internet connection format that aims to provide users with more privacy to access information over an encrypted and anonymous connection.

The main points that motivate the use of a VPN service are the guarantees of digital security, the fact that your activities are not observed by third parties except for the VPN provider, anonymity and the possibility of a truly global connection as you can access content with geo-blocking.

What is a VPN?

A VPN provides online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection. With this type of connection, your internet protocol – your IP address – is exchanged (for the one of the VPN server), so that your online actions are virtually untraceable for third parties such as Google and Facebook.

Thus, a VPN service establishes secure, encrypted connections that in some cases guarantee even more privacy than a Wi-Fi hotspot with specific security protocols. The VPN also helps to protect sensitive data of your company, for example in the case of remote access, which is common now that many people work from home. Try out the most safe proxy and VPN service: https://proxy-rarbg.org/

Additionally, a VPN service allows access to specific sites that are geo-blocked, either for government censorship reasons or for example, for commercial reasons related to content with a geo-localized distribution focus. 

Reach all movies and series with the help of Netflix VPN

Netflix, which is available in many countries, has grown significantly in recent years. However, each country has a different version of the service, with its own library of movies and programs.

A Netflix VPN is the best and easiest method to watch Netflix freely and comfortably. Apart from the privacy it provides to the user, Netflix VPN increases your online anonymity, protects your online activities from Internet Service Providers (ISP) and policing governments; and defends your data against hackers on shared networks, such as public Wi-Fi.

How does a VPN work?

Essentially, a VPN service creates a kind of data tunnel between the local network and an exit node at another point, which can be thousands of miles away from that original location. This allows you, for example, to connect to a service in another country that only allows IPs with registration from the country in question.

This allows greater freedom of online traffic, allowing the user to access apps and services from other countries, such as streaming platforms for example, from United States, with a catalog that differs from other regions.

A VPN encrypts the information you access and ensures greater privacy of your data, hiding completely your online browsing history from third parties, unlike public internet networks. The anonymity of your browsing history and internet searches happens because your web activity is associated with the IP address of the Virtual Private Network server and not your own IP address.

Moreover, VPN services often have servers distributed around the world, that is why with a VPN it becomes more difficult to track and identify your information. So, your online activities and data are almost completely anonymous.

Why do you need a VPN?

The main reason is without hesitation your digital security on the web. Protecting your user profile from data theft, unwanted tracking, digital surveillance and others is something that should be a priority when you work or do a lot of activities online.

With so many people working remotely, imagine a high-value transaction being made over an ordinary, unsecured Wi-Fi network, such as your home network to which all of your family’s devices are connected on a daily basis. This could mean exposing private and highly sensitive data to invaders, undetected by antiviruses or firewall.

That is why a VPN service is an increasing need, whether it is for a company director or an employee in the administrative sector who deals with customer documentation. A VPN network encryption can help you protect your activities in a digital environment: send emails, shop online, pay bills, access bank details, exchange information about research and development of your company, etc. In conclusion, with a VPN almost every activity is protected and anonymous to third parties.

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