What I need to know as a new landlord?

Population in the UK is growing at the rate of knots where people from across the world are seen swarming into different parts of the country. Most of them live here for a brief period and opt for rental properties instead of splurging on one. While, most people invest in properties like studio flats, detached homes and more to earn more rental yields. Like many investors, buyers can pick the best buy-to-let property with the help of St Albans letting agents gain maximum profits. Private renting has garnered more popularity and this rental business trend will continue to grow with 1.8 million homes in this bracket by 2025.


Before expecting everything to be right from the tenant’s side, there are certain duties that a landlord must make sure to tick off before renting out. Landlords shall begin with fixing the place and making it a suitable place for their tenants to live. Minor repairs like fixing the hinges and bolts of doors, battered furniture, old and peeling paint, etc., are necessary to make a good first impression especially in rental properties like apartments in Round Rock. With enough budget, a complete make-over will add more rental value to the property.   


The property market in the UK is fickle and has got its ups and downs. Property prices change regularly and are challenging enough for landlords to keep track of them. Renting out for working professionals is different from a student group and families. The rental schemes and property types must serve the purpose according to the tenant type. Based on the location and size of the property, tenants lookout for the best house to rent in St Albans.


Not many first-timers would be aware of setting a price tag on their property, landing them in a never-ending dilemma. Concerning the neighbourhoods and size of the property, homeowners can fix a rental range without overpricing it. They should bear in mind the mortgage loans, insurance, solicitor’s fees, and other queued up expenses and check whether this rental yield would cover the entire or majority portion of these costs. Landowners should maintain a budget inventory to handle unexpected repairs or tax repayments.


Buy-to let homes are the go-to options for people who would love to have properties as a means of investment. However, the profits acquired from these properties fall under taxable income. After the allowable expenses are deducted, the surplus money is counted as profit for which taxes are charged. Legal fees, repair and maintenance costs, insurance, letting agent fees etc., are included in allowable expenses. Similarly, landlords are entitled to mortgage interest taxes of about 20-25%, stamp duty, and more.


Landlords must conduct a housing inspection that covers all kinds of hazards and safety measures to ensure whether the property is safe in all aspects according to government norms. Before renting out the place, checking on the electricity and gas connections and their viability is essential. Recently, all homeowners must run safety inspections and acquire a certificate as a proof document. Houses owning fireplaces and boilers must instal carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and check for their safety. Upholstery and other furniture must be checked for fire safety.  


Discussing the dos and don’ts as a property owner is a crucial step so that the tenants are aware of the residential policies and do not override them. These points shall be included in the tenancy agreement so that both parties can stay on the same page. Important matters like allowing pets, damaging the property, rental and initial deposit details, home repairs, rent increases, and more can be drafted in the agreement.


Finding a home for rent or purchase, both are tedious and take a long while to get done with. Being a landowner for the first time might seem overwhelming, and they shall miss out on a few critical steps in-between the process. In this case, taking the help of a professional letting agent will ease out the process for newbie homeowners. With a letting agent, the entire or selective work in the letting process like managing the major and minor repairs of the house, collecting rents, the lending hand with the paperwork and more.


One of the stressful tasks of being a landowner is to select the right kind of tenant for the property. Running a background check is the primary step as a landowner. Once the right person qualifies the homeowner’s requirements, drafting the tenancy agreement is the next step. After the tenants move in, homeowners must maintain a cordial relationship with residents to run things smoothly. Property owners should be on their toes and respond to their queries if any.

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