The Internet is literally swarming with a variety of services offering VoIP phone numbers (virtual numbers). Quite often such telephone numbers are used for business, personal needs, calling or receiving text messages. The purpose of using virtual numbers depends on your task.

Let’s understand what the phenomenon of virtual numbers for SMS verification is, and what benefits they can give you in business or everyday life.

What is a virtual number for receiving text messages?

Virtual mobile numbers for SMS (VoIP numbers) are a service that allows you to receive SMS online directly from your personal account on a specialized resource, without having a mobile device right on the Internet. You don’t need a SIM card or even cellular service to operate a virtual cellular number. Also, they are not tied to your device and location. This means you can use a virtual number from your computer, tablet or any device with internet access.

Benefits of Virtual SMS Numbers

Buying a VoIP number for SMS greatly expands your range of options. The main advantages include:

– The ability to have absolutely any number of accounts in social networks and messengers. It’s no secret that most social networks and messengers require the confirmation of phone number via SMS to register. All of these sites have a rule – only one account can be registered to one phone number.

The developers have implemented such a system to reduce the number of bots on their resources. To bypass this rule and create multiple accounts, you can use a virtual cell phone number for SMS.

– Maintain anonymity online. Using a VoIP number instead of your own, you simply cannot be tracked. You don’t have to give out your passport information or reveal any other personal information about yourself in order to get this phone number.

– Possibility to instantly register on different platforms, exchanges, stock companies and not to worry about personal data leaving the resource.

– Don’t worry if you lose your SIM card because your account is tied to your VoIP number, and all SMS history and purchased numbers are stored in your personal account on a special service.

– Without geolocation binding you can receive SMS online messages from more than 200 countries of the world. All processes are automated, so there’s no risk of human intervention or mistakes.

The options of using VoIP numbers for SMS

  • To participate in promotions and fill out online forms. Often when you leave your personal mobile number online, e.g. for a discount or a bonus card, you start receiving annoying spam messages. To avoid this, the easiest and most convenient way is to use a VoIP number for texting.
  • You decide to place an advertisement. You want to advertise some product, such as a car or a private home. By listing your main number in the ad, you will be inundated with calls from customers wanting to buy your property after the sale. And this number immediately after the sale can be simply turned off. And you will not be bothered by constant calls.
  • Anonymous use of social networks and dating sites. While you’re looking for your soul mate, you won’t have to give out your main phone number to everyone you meet. In fact, these days there’s a great alternative that can replace it.
  • Link your number to your card and social media accounts. You can link your number to your social media account or bank number and not use it for anything else, which increases the security of your personal information.

How do I get a VoIP number for SMS?

If you need to get a virtual cell phone number quickly, SMS-man online service can help. To use it, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the SMS-man website and do a simple registration process entering your email address or just use any available social network to login.
  2. Enter the amount of money you need to get a virtual number using the “Top up” tab.
  3. Choose the country and service you need, and then click on the purchase button next to the selected service.
  4. Copy the provided virtual number and use it in the process of account registration;
  5. Receive SMS with a code in your personal cabinet and complete the account creation procedure.

You can get a one-time virtual number from SMS-man for very cheap, and it will start working right after you connect. Use modern features to save yourself from annoying newsletters and keep your personal data a secret.

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