What Is Podcast Transcription? What Are the Benefits of It?

Podcasting starts with recording, but that is just the beginning. One of the most critical aspects of podcasting is transcription. It allows you to reach thousands, if not millions, of potential listeners who might not be able to locate your podcast otherwise. Accurate transcriptions will attract more listeners to your podcast. Your broader audience will appreciate the fact that you’re speaking up about something dear to you. 

What Are the Benefits of Podcast Transcription?

A podcast transcript is a text copy of all the speech contained in an episode. Transcriptionists must listen to your audio file and transcribe every word spoken. 

Transcripts of podcasts are not allowed on Google Play, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. However, you can distribute them on your podcasting website. You could embed the audio player and show notes for each episode on the same page as the transcription to give the listener a complete experience. Here are the top reasons you should transcribe your podcast. 

Maximize the SEO Reach

You may assist Google in better grasping the content of your episodes by including show notes. However, remember that these notes will only come up to a few hundred words. Google probably would not show that at the top of its results because it is not the long-form content it prefers. 

However, a 30-minute audio episode transcript can have as many as 6,000 words. That is a lot of material that offers countless valuable keywords. Indeed, it will help new listeners locate your podcasting website by significantly increasing its search engine optimization (SEO) value.

Provide Content You Can Repurpose

Having a transcribed version of your episodes is a terrific way to get your content in front of a wider audience and increase your podcast’s value. With a transcript, you may repurpose your podcast content on several channels, giving you access to a potentially much larger audience. You may, for instance, launch a blog to complement your podcast. 

However, developing content for each platform will need considerable effort and time. But if you transcribe your episodes, you can transform that content into blog posts with just a few tweaks to the structure and editing. By splitting your effort this way, you may effectively communicate with larger groups of people.

You may use the same idea to generate material for social media. Using your transcripts, you can turn meaningful quotes, fascinating statistics, or insightful takeaways into posts to promote your podcast across various social media channels. You may even publish a book based on your transcripts and reach a new audience segment.

Improve the Podcast Accessibility

According to the World Health Organization, 5% of the global population has severe hearing loss. Podcasts may be an auditory experience, but that does not mean you cannot make them accessible to those who are deaf. Transcribing your audio content brings higher inclusion levels. People who are hard of hearing may use transcripts to fill in the gaps when they cannot catch certain parts, or they could read it all the way through.

Transcribing your podcast episodes is also a great way to make them available to listeners who are more comfortable communicating in a non-English language. Further, you can translate your transcripts into various languages, thus increasing accessibility even more.

Improve Your Backlinking Opportunities

A podcast transcript can contain about 6,000 words. Thus, it provides the perfect opportunity for backlinks. When people stumble upon an episode (along with its transcript) on your website and find it interesting, they’ll want to share your content with others. Therefore, they’ll probably write a blog post and create a backlink to your podcasting site.

If it weren’t for your 6,000-word transcript, they might not have had a chance to even land on your website. Backlinks are excellent for search engine optimization, and they will help propel your pages to the top of the SERP. 


Podcast transcription can help you and your listeners immensely. Some of the advantages of podcasting are exclusive to the podcaster. For instance, it helps increase organic traffic. Other benefits impact the audience, like accessibility. 

Click here if you need professional assistance on podcast transcription to enjoy these and other benefits. Soon, you’ll find that transcripts are irreplaceable in your marketing and creative efforts.

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