What is travel insurance and why do you need it?

In addition to new impressions, vivid emotions and gigabytes of photos, a vacation abroad inevitably entails some risks. This applies not only to independent travel to African countries, but also to the most relaxing “package” tours to Greece or Turkey. A person can overdo it with sunbathing, accidentally spoil the hotel property, or even not get on the plane, losing a lot of money on non-refundable tickets.

To protect themselves from such situations, more and more of our compatriots are taking out travel insurance. What are the advantages of travel insurance and what types of policies exist, we will tell in the article.

What kind of insurance is necessary for traveling abroad?

So, travel insurance is financial protection from a wide range of different situations that can happen to a tourist. Travel insurance policy allows you to get financial compensation if, for example, a tourist is sick and the trip had to be canceled, or not to spend money on forced shopping if all the clothes were left in the lost luggage. Not to mention the treatment abroad. Responsible tourists always take with them a mini-pharmacy kit with plasters, bandages, antipyretic and painkillers, but in case of fractures and serious infections it will certainly be useless. Therefore, medical travel insurance is a very necessary thing, especially with the current exchange rate. In many countries, even a simple consultation with a therapist for foreigners is expensive, so it is better to spend a little on insurance than to pay a much more tangible amount for treatment – service by  Геннадий Ягупов.

Types of insurance

Let’s talk more about the most popular types of travel insurance. These include:

Travel insurance is essential for any trip, as it provides financial protection and peace of mind during your journey. But, in addition to securing travel insurance, finding the right accommodations is crucial for a memorable vacation experience. For example, Orlando, Florida, is a popular destination with an array of budget-friendly yet luxurious hotel options along International Drive. To discover a comprehensive list of affordable luxury hotels in this prime location, be sure to visit dailynewarticle.com/affordable-luxury-hotels-on-international-drive/. By making informed decisions about both travel insurance and accommodations, you’ll ensure a fantastic travel experience.

Medical and medical-transport expenses insurance. These are medical care directly, as well as the cost of medicines, the patient’s stay in hospital and his transportation. Even if a person is in good health and is flying abroad to relax in the shade on a chaise lounge chair, rather than to go mountaineering, anything can happen. Health is a fragile thing, and while you can somehow get away without losing your luggage at the airport, you have to pay for medical care in any case. And as we’ve said, it can be expensive abroad.

Travel insurance against cancellation. Buying airline tickets a few months before departure is more profitable, but in that time period a lot can happen. And if the illness is more serious than a cold, it could well cross out the vacation plans. It also happens that the sickness is not the traveler himself, and his child or an elderly relative, who can not be left alone. Not to mention other unpleasant situations. Travel insurance will not lift a person’s spirits, but at least it will save them from financial losses. This is especially relevant in the case of non-return tickets and charged for the hotel reservation.

Luggage insurance against breakage, delay or loss. When traveling for a long period of time, it is physically impossible to carry all items in your hand luggage. Moreover, many of them can not be taken there according to the rules of transportation. In particular, this applies to fishing equipment, bulky photo and video equipment, and other “specific” things. So if you’re checking things in your luggage, consider taking out insurance: it gives you the chance to receive a fixed monetary compensation if they are delayed, damaged, or lost.

Accident insurance. This is a cash payment to the tourist or his relatives, which is issued in the event of death of the traveler, disability or burns of the second degree and above. This type of holiday insurance is not in bad demand, because in this way the tourist protects his loved ones from financial loss in the event of his incapacity or death.

Liability insurance. This is the same property damage – hotel, beach, restaurant and other. This option of holiday insurance is especially relevant for people who travel with young children.

Skeptics will say that there is no need to “splurge” on an extended insurance policy – it is enough to take the cheapest option with a certain type of service. But you never know in advance exactly where the problems will arise. That’s why it’s best to take out comprehensive insurance, which includes all of the above-mentioned cases.

Rules of registration of holiday insurance

You can get travel insurance both online and directly in the office of the insurance company. To get travel insurance, you need to fill out an application indicating the passport data of travelers, the country of travel and the planned period of stay in it. Some insurance organizations also ask to specify the type of tourism, because in many firms the insurance of “sports” risks is more expensive than the usual beach vacation. The same applies to trips to exotic countries, which are priced higher by insurance companies. Pregnant women’s travel insurance will also cost more, as will a policy for the elderly.

How to Choose Travel Insurance

With the advancement of technology, many important services can be obtained online. Taking out travel insurance is no exception. It’s very convenient: you don’t have to waste time getting to the office and sitting in a live line. Moreover, the websites of some insurance companies have a handy calculator that quickly and easily calculates the total cost of travel insurance, taking into account his wishes and the nature of the trip. You can also find the tables with high-quality infographics, which indicate what and how much the policy covers, because the contract of 30 pages is unlikely anyone will read attentively.

It is better to choose a travel insurance policy by the features and amounts of coverage, not by price. For example, in the U.S. and Thailand medical treatment is particularly expensive, so before you go there, it is better to take out travel health insurance for a more decent amount. Fans of extreme sports, such as surfing and snowboarding, should not skimp either. Even if the tourist has extensive experience in such leisure activities, do not forget that not all people who are engaged in it are nearby. It is also worth paying attention to the limits of insurance amounts – in particular, the limit on emergency dentistry rarely exceeds 300 conventional units. Before signing a contract, it’s also best to study insurance exclusions. But the most important thing: you should take out travel insurance well in advance.

Of course, extended travel insurance is not a prerequisite for travel. Here it is a question of conscience – agree, it’s strange to pay extra for a view of the sea, but to be stingy to spend a small amount of money to ensure your own safety. Travel insurance has long been a mass product, and travel insurance policies – a good mechanism for financial protection. The main thing is to entrust the execution of such documents to a reliable company.

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