What Should You Do After a Fender Bender in Columbia City?

While there are hundreds of accidents resulting in fatalities and serious injuries, fender benders are one of the most common accidents caused in the country. In many cases, victims are not injured in fender benders, but there is property damage (such as damage to the car). 

In such a situation, victims are clueless if they can proceed ahead with a claim or if they need to pay from their pockets for the repair. While it is not mandatory to file a police report after a minor accident, the Columbia City car accident attorney recommends filing for one. Later, you may realize that you need to file for compensation, and without a police report, things can fall out of your luck. 

Report the Accident 

As soon as the collision occurs, it would help if you pulled over to a safe place. As per the law, you need to report the accident to the police if the damage or injury is up to $1,000. While it is highly impossible to predict the amount immediately after the accident, you would be in a safe place if you reported it to the police. 

After the accident, ensure to collect information from anyone involved. Collect the following information from the opposite party: 

  • Their name and address. 
  • Mobile number
  • License number. 
  • License plate and vehicle model. 
  • Insurance information. 

After you report the accident, law enforcement may ask you to give proof of financial responsibility, that is, insurance. Your insurance company is liable to send proof to the police that you held an insurance policy, meeting all the requirements. 

Avoid delaying your financial responsibility verification process. If the police fail to report the accident, file a report, or report it to the BMV within the given deadline, there are high chances that your driver’s license may be suspended, leading to penalties. 

Other steps you can take after a fender bender. 

Following the fender bender, make sure you take the following measures: 

  • Protect yourself and others involved: Check if you or others involved are injured. If there is any slight injury, go to the nearest hospital. Even if you are not hurt, it is advisable to get a medical evaluation to ensure there is no internal injury. 
  • Collect evidence: Evidence plays a vital role in supporting your claim. You should collect any evidence that will help your claim, including pictures from the accident scene, photos of the road, weather conditions, witness information, and more. 
  • Contact an attorney: A car accident attorney knows all the in and out of your case. Make sure you speak to your attorney to guide you on the correct process after an accident. 

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