What Should You Know Before Smoking Shisha?

Before smoking shisha, you should have a clear understanding of the chemistry of the herb of Shishaquality. The molasses is a tobacco-free blend and contains no nicotine. It is harder to burn than tobacco and will not last nearly as long as tobacco. The most basic type of shisha is shredded, while pureed varieties may require a larger coal or a longer warm-up time. The leafier variety tends to have a stronger tobacco flavor and is typically a specialty product.

Risks before starting

There is a risk of second-hand smoke from shisha, and it is not recommended for new smokers. The risks are similar to those of cigarette smoking, so it is important to understand these risks before starting. Tobacco is a powerful addiction, so you must be aware of all of the possible health risks before engaging in shisha. A recent study by the World Health Organisation suggested that one hour of smoking shisha can be as harmful to your health as smoking 100 cigarettes. The health consequences of second-hand smoke have also become a concern for primary care trusts and authorities.

Educate yourself with sisha

While shisha is commonly associated with Middle Eastern culture, it has grown in popularity in the UK in recent years. There are many shisha cafes opening up in cities across the UK. However, the dangers of this smoke to your health are so great that it has even been banned in Scotland. Therefore, it is important to educate yourself about this new trend in smoking. But, before you start using shisha, it is important to know the facts.

As an amateur, it is best to try simple flavors like grapes, bananas, and pineapples if you are new to the practice. You can try mixing a single flavor, or you can try a mix of flavors and scents from Hookah store. If you enjoy the taste and the smell of shisha, you should continue learning about its health risks. There are some online guides that can help you quit and make it a habit.

Similar to cigarettes

Shisha is a form of tobacco, so the risks are similar to those of cigarettes. Because shisha is similar to cigarettes, it is also associated with Middle Eastern cafe culture. It has been gaining popularity in the UK in recent years. It has even been introduced by the Niche Tobacco Advisory Group, which has been tasked with raising awareness of the dangers of smoking.

Stick to simple fruit flavours

When you are new to smoking shisha, stick to simple fruit flavours from shisha shop. Initially, you may want to try a blend of fruit flavors and try one flavor before trying a more complicated blend. You should also be aware of the risks of second-hand smoke. If you smoke shisha, you should consider the health risks of other people around you. In the UK, the law is stricter than in other countries, and the Niche Tobacco Advisory Group has introduced an educational campaign about the risks of smoking shisha.

Tobacco is the main ingredient in shisha. It is as addictive as cigarettes. It is recommended that you not smoke shisha in front of children. As with cigarettes, shisha is also a risk for second-hand smoke. You should also check the local laws before you start using shisha. It is illegal to smoke in public places in some countries. Tobacco-free buildings are mandatory in the UK.

ASH Scotland and Fast Forward both have information on the risks of smoking shisha. You can contact them for help in quitting the habit. If you’re unsure, the charities are there to help you quit. Then, you can try a sample of both types of tobacco and find out how they differ. So what should you know before smoking shisha? What Should You Know Before Smoking Shisha?


As with cigarettes, shisha contains the same type of tobacco, so you’re still at risk of health issues related to tobacco. Studies have shown that shisha can cause cancer and other illnesses. Despite the fact that the risks of smoking shisha are less serious than those of cigarettes, the dangers of the smoke associated with shisha use have not been researched enough. Consequently, you should consult a specialist before smoking shisha.

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