What to do if you are a victim of an accident caused by a tire blowout?

It’s true that there are many drivers out there that can easily log thousands of miles without even a tire leak but you have to accept the fact that tire failures are a regular occurrence. And the worst part about this type of failure is, on the roads, it can result in deadly accidents. Many of these are easily preventable, resulting from manufacturing defects beyond the control of a person. 

If you have been involved in an auto accident and if you know that tread separation, tire blowout, sidewall collapse or any other tire-related issue was the main perpetrator then you should never shy away from contacting a defective tires attorneys Lake Charles. Most attorneys offer a consultation for free and therefore, you should get in touch with them as soon as possible. 

What usually triggers a tire failure?

There are many ways in which a tire can fail. In many cases, identification of the red flags at an early stage can help you prevent deadly accidents. But the worst part is in most cases, the tire failure is a result of design failure or manufacturing defects and therefore, complete prevention of tire failure becomes impossible. 

Here are some most common reasons for tire failure:

  • Tread separation- This can occur because of both manufacturing flaws and design defects which results in the degradation of tires at an early stage and this increases the chances of a blowout. There is nothing you can do about it instead of getting in touch with a defective tires attorneys Lake Charles after the accident. 
  • Tire bead failure- If the beads of the tire will lack proper enforcement, the integrity of the tire is easily compromised and when a lot of pressure will be applied to the tire (which is normal for healthy tires) it can result in a blowout. 
  • Tire sidewall collapse- When the sidewalls of tires are crafted with materials of poor grade, they easily blow out or collapse and can result in a severe accident. You must take help from Lake Charles defective tires attorneys in such cases as well. 
  • Tire explosion- This is another common cause of tire failure and this usually happens because of defective tire rims. 

What you should do after a tire blowout car accident?

Even if you are only a little suspicious that the car accident was caused by a tire failure, you should get in touch with Lake Charles defective tires attorneys as soon as possible. The attorney will help you navigate through the complicated and vast jungle of claims and litigations and will work towards strengthening your case. 

The defective tires attorney will take major decisions regarding your case which can never be dealt by a person not familiar with the law lexicon. For example, whether you need an individual lawsuit or you have the option to choose a mass tort case is a major decision that can make or break your case. 

Also, there are many pieces of evidence that need to be presented in court because you don’t become automatically eligible for compensation just because you think that your accident was a result of tire failure. 

Without an attorney, it is impossible to even think about getting the right compensation but you need to be mindful while choosing the attorney as he should be experienced, reliable, and should have a good track record. Only then you should make a final decision. Spend some time exploring the available options, get in touch with them and then, upon proper analysis and research, choose the best defective tires attorney. 

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