What to put into consideration when purchasing an air conditioner

An air conditioner is an appliance that provides temperature regulation inside your room.It returns cooled air to the room and transfers unwanted heat and humidity outside. This article focuses on factors to be considered when purchasing a good air conditioner

With improved technology over time, things have changed to simpler. The invention of air conditioners has greatly impacted the lives of people. This appliance is used to regulate the temperatures of rooms. There are various factors to be considered when purchased, as discussed below.


To decide the size of the air conditioner,you will purchase, the size of the house or room and the cooling limit are major factors to consider. A right-sized conditioner is significant for your air conditioner’s effective and increased lifetime. The air conditioner capacity is determined by various factors, such as location, room size, and the number of dwellers.

The Energy efficiency

When purchasing an air conditioner, ensure that it has a star score for energy effectiveness branded on it. The higher the number of stars, the more the efficiency of that air conditioner. An air conditioner that has a higher efficiency require a lesser amount of power, therefore helps in decreasing energy bills leading to cost-saving, and thus it is advisable to buy an air conditioner with the higher rating

Split Air Conditioner

The split air conditioner contains a portable box which has all the components and is fitted on the windows of the rooms. They are suitable for regulating the temperatures of smaller rooms. It also has two distinct units that arean indoor unit which contains cooling coils, the blower, and the air filter, and an outside unit that has a compressor, condenser coils, and capillary tubing

 The Air quality

Air quality is an important factor to be considered while purchasing an air conditioner. Having an air conditioner fitted with a decent filter is important in refining the air quality in your house. These air filters help remove dust and germs in the air, and sometimes it filters out odors and smoke. Moreover, a good filter ensures that dirt and dust don’t reach the evaporator coil.

The Cooling speed

An adjustable thermostat helps get diverse temperatures at various times during the day. This ability to establish various pre-defined temperatures aids in increasing cooling efficiency, thus reducing energy usage.

The Price

Before purchasing an air conditioner, you need to compare various types of air conditioners present based on specifications, performance, after-sales, customer review, and customer feedback. After comparison, ensure a final decision according to your needs and budget.

Various available air conditioners are sold by various enterprises, which facilitates regulating temperatures in a room. The 12000 btu air conditioner price in Kenya is favorable for all buyers and fulfills all the requirements of the one purchasing it.

Installation and maintenance:

The performance of an air conditioner depends on the installation. An improper installation may harm its efficiency and the components of an air conditioner. The window air conditioners are easy when installing compared to the split air conditioner. It is good to get an air conditioner installed by a professional to avoid faults.

Determining which type of air conditioner is best for you can be a very difficult task, though it is an important task which should therefore be done prudently. A wrong decision may cost you a lot of money, and the comfort as the air conditioner is an expensive appliance. The factors discussed above should be considered before making purchases.

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