What You Need to Know About a Philips CPAP Lawsuit

Philips has a huge market share of CPAP machines, with approximately 65% of the market. Its recent CPAP foam recall has affected around three to four million machines, and the company has an online form for checking if your machine is affected. A failure to warn claim arises when a medical device manufacturer fails to adequately warn the public or provide adequate instructions, rendering the product unsafe or dangerous. It is important to note that all states have a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit. Your legal team will be able to inform you about what laws apply to you in your state.

CPAP lawsuits are filed administratively

Philips is currently facing numerous CPAP lawsuits after the company failed to warn customers about the risks of the CPAP machines. These machines can cause respiratory and lung problems and are known to cause many deaths. If you have been affected by this, contact a Youngstown CPAP lawyer. These attorneys can help you file a lawsuit against Philips. Some patients have complained about black particles in the airway and other health issues. They have reported chest congestion and headaches, and even sinus infection.

A new Order issued by Judge Conti will set the initial discovery plan for the Philips CPAC Lawsuit. The process will begin with an application process and a case management meeting. This is an important step in the litigation process as it paves the way for discovery.

CPAP replacement foam

If you use a Philips CPAP machine, you may be a victim of an unsafe CPAP foam. This can lead to a variety of health problems including life-threatening asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. The foam can also lead to off-gassing of potentially harmful chemicals. Some people may even develop cancer from exposure to these chemicals.

Philips has been aware of the hazard for many years. However, it has failed to warn physicians and patients of the risks. The company is responsible for the problems that have affected many patients. If you are affected by this CPAP machine, you may be eligible for compensation. You can find out if you qualify by filling out an online form.

The Philips CPAP replacement foam lawsuit is currently in its pretrial discovery phase, where the Court has imposed deadlines for plaintiff-fact sheets and protocol for depositions. The lawsuit will eventually proceed to a jury trial. If the plaintiffs are successful, they can expect to receive a large settlement award.

Statute of limitations for filing a Philips CPAP lawsuit

A Philips CPAP lawsuit must be filed before the applicable statute of limitations expires. The statute of limitations is different in each state. In some states, you may have up to six years to file a suit. Therefore, if you are facing a problem with your Philips CPAP, it is important to consult a product liability attorney as soon as possible.

Although Philips knew about the risks of their CPAP devices, they didn’t give their users enough warning about the hazards. The manufacturer’s failure to issue warnings about the potential for foam degradation put millions of people at risk. This delay coincided with the release of newer models and left millions of users in a bind. As a result, it is difficult to find replacement CPAPs.

In Last:

A Philips CPAP lawsuit can be filed by anyone who suffered injuries from using the CPAP machine. You can also join a class action lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries. To get started, you must have an injury and have followed the manufacturer’s instructions. A CPAP lawsuit must prove that the CPAP device was the cause of the injury. If you have been suffering from injuries because of using a Philips CPAP, contact McIntyre Law today.

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