When and How Much Will an Auto Accident Attorney Charge You?

Are you one of those who love feeding their curiosity? Give this article a thorough read if you have always been interested in knowing how much a car collision lawyer will cost you. Look, there’s probably no one who would want to become a victim of a terrifying car crash. Still, automobile accidents take the lives of many people and severely injure many every day.

A proficient Queens car accident lawyer can help you file an injury claim if you meet with a car accident and sustain serious injuries owing to the recklessness of the driver. An attorney specializing in litigating four-wheeler crash-related cases can help you prove the fault of the liable party and qualify for financial compensation. But do you think you need to pay your lawyer out of pocket the moment you hire?

Keep reading to learn when to pay the legal professional who handles your case and how much the amount will be.

The Contingency Fee

You might not know that most certified automobile accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis instead of charging an hourly fee. It is quite a unique way of taking payments for services these lawyers provide to their injured clients.

Know that you will only need to pay your lawyer when you succeed in proving the liability of the party responsible for the car crash and your injuries. The insurance company or at-fault individual or entity will give you a fair settlement amount or compensation for your wounds, sufferings, and damages.

You will have to pay a certain percentage of the recovered money to your auto accident attorney. Indeed, a car crash lawyer, who successfully negotiates on your behalf, represents you in court and settles the case, deserves a contingency fee.

What is the Contingency Fee Percentage?

The contingency fee percentage varies from one automobile collision case to another. The percentage ranges from 25 percent to 40 percent. However, most auto accident lawyers settle for 33 percent when they sign a contingency fee agreement.

Suppose you agree to pay your attorney, who will be litigating your injury lawsuit, 33 percent of the money you recover, which is $120,000USD. So, you will have to pay $39,600USD to your attorney, and the rest of the money will be yours.

If your car accident attorney successfully negotiates the settlement with insurance representatives outside the court, the contingency fee percentage will get lowered. Quite often, the lawyer’s share increases when an injured client’s case proceeds to trial. In such a scenario, the legal professional you hire will represent you in court and compel the jury to approve your car accident injury claim.


Now hopefully, it’s pretty clear to you when and how much a car accident victim needs to pay an attorney. Do not forget to speak with an automobile accident lawyer about the contingency fee percentage before hiring. It is also essential to thoroughly review the agreement for legal services. Hire a trusted and experienced lawyer to win your case and have peace of mind.

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