Which INTERIOR ACCESSORIES FOR CARS are worth attention?

When you get into your new car for the first time, you may notice something is missing. There is no place for your favourite cup of coffee that you use to take with you to work. You have no place to put your phone with the route turned on. Such small details often affect the comfort of your journey, so have them covered in advance. Add a few technical and design solutions to your car so that the vehicle will please you with its functionality and aesthetics. Which Interior accessories for cars are worth attention?

Fashionable and practical accessories for drivers

Steering wheel ornaments and seat belt accessories are top-selling automobilia. But is that all that interior car accessories manufacturers have to offer Porsche fans? Of course not. In stores, you can find functional accessories that increase safety, decorations that give the vehicle character, and other unusual solutions, including:

Key emblem – car keys are items you usually throw in your bag or backpack. However, after leaving the car, you frequently hold the keys in your hand. Shouldn’t they look nice? Of course, you can take on a key ring, but there is something that will change your car keys and will not influence the aesthetics of the entire item. This thing is a key emblem. It is a badge that decorates the top of the keys.

Wireless phone charger – whenever you have a long journey into the unknown, or you move to a new city, and you don’t know where the streets lead, you should buy a wireless phone charger. You can easily install it in your car. Such an accessory not only provides you with convenient map browsing, but also ensures your phone will always have its battery fully charged.

Ignition switch cover decal – some interior accessories for the car may not affect the comfort while driving, but will certainly change the way the car presents inside. And one of them is the Ignition switch cover decal. Such a small object can make a positive difference in your car interior.

Accessories for older classics

Do you think that as the owner of an older Porsche, for example, a 912, 930 or 944, you can’t use interior accessories for cars because products that have just entered stores will not fit, and installation is simply impossible? Then you seem to be wrong. You will find handy equipment items even for the oldest classics. Just find the right shop and let your car get new suitable interior car accessories. Take a closer look at your possibilities.

Both old and new cars can be equipped with a phone charger holder. All you have to do is choose a model with a central console delete panel that matches the model of the car you are driving. You can install such an accessory on your own without much difficulty in the privacy of your garage.

Self-adhesive engine sound pad — old car models can (but don’t have to) be noisy. On the one hand, this feature can be desirable because it attracts attention. But on the other hand, long journeys in such a car can be a nuisance. That is why buying this kind of INTERIOR ACCESSORIES FOR CARS to help you silence unpleasant noises, will be a practical solution. Put engine insulation — a sound pad — at the top of your shopping list for soundproofing products.

Interior accessories for cars – other must-haves

When looking for the best solutions for your car, also pay attention to the silver single stopwatch holder for vintage Heuers. You can attach it to the dashboard or use the dedicated tape added to it. Don’t forget the Shifter coupler cover with a cup holder to make your commute pleasant without having to hold your coffee in your hand.

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