Why a Data Center Decommission? 

Your data center isn’t just a pile of steel, plastic components and other metals.  Your company’s data footprints are retained in these devices, and while the value of the equipment may vary, the data that resides is invaluable and can put the future of your company at risk should it fall into the wrong hands.

Decommissioning a data center can be a very complicated undertaking.  Simply disposing or recycling data center equipment can be difficult on its own, but there is another important consideration to take into account when decommissioning a data center. Data center equipment represents a significant investment. To simply dispose or recycle that technology would be to entirely lose that investment. Rather, the best practice is to recover a portion of the invested capital during the data center decom process and OceanTech can help you do just that.

OceanTech’s Pre-Project Planning and Compliance Checklist will put even the most detail-oriented individual at ease.  We know what questions to ask and can either quarterback the entire project or take the handoff.

Each piece of equipment removed by OceanTech is logged with its corresponding make, model and serial number.  Each client receives detailed records of all equipment removed.  The equipment is secured with a tamper evident seal before being placed for departure in one of our GPS monitored vehicles, giving each clint the assurance that every piece of equipment is effectively protected.

Upon arrival at our secure facility, our secure client portal will give you the ability to monitor and track all of your assets.  This custom reporting and tracking system will give you peace of mind by ensuring full accountability of your assets from pick-up to completion.

While performing the sorting and testing process, our IT asset recovery experts will assist in determining the maximum value of all your retired IT assets.  Any equipment that still holds market value will be catalogued for reimbursements, sanitized of all data, reset to factory default settings, and returned to grade-A condition to guarantee the best possible resale rate.   OceanTech will credit your account or send you a check for any proceeds resulting from the resale of your equipment.

Our white-glove approach to decommissioning means our fully-trained and vetted employees will complete your project efficiently, on time, under budget and in accordance with your specific needs.

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