Why are tourists turning towards water taxi cruising?

Australia is one welcoming tourist spot most people around the globe love visiting. Although Australia is well known to be the best spot for road trips, if you don’t catch the sunset at Sydney’s harbour, then you are missing out on one of the best water trips as well! Sydney, Australia’s capital, is celebrated for its stunning harbour, which is also one of the best ones in the entire world! All one has to do is book a slot with a water taxi in Sydney to cruise this quiet cove water body!

Taking a water taxi is just like Sydney boat hire, you get to pick a destination and cover the entire Sydney harbour, which otherwise is impossible. Sydney’s most beautiful destinations remain inaccessible with regular transport. But with water taxis, you can see all of them at affordable prices!

Five pros of Sydney water taxis

For anyone planning a holiday in ‘the lucky country’, a ride by Sydney’s attractive bays and the harbour is a must-do. Here is a list of ways water taxis in Sydney can benefit you.

1. They are much like party boats

Most water taxis can accommodate at least ten people. So, be it a small group of friends, family or a team, water taxis can comfortably serve all of them! Even if you plan to throw a party for your friends by the calming bay, you can plan all of it in a water taxi. You can also look out for sophisticated taxis that provide you extra facilities and comforts like good seating for all, free WiFi and even some complimentary food. Do not forget to look for taxis that offer good comfort with cushioned seats and some carpets to have a luxurious feel all through the ride.

2. Being the captain of the ship!

Like regular road taxis, water taxis would take you where you want to go! You can map the route, duration and even decide on halts for some beautiful sunset clicks! On the flip side, picking boats or bigger docks will never give so much customizability. Sometimes, all you get to have is being a part of a predetermined and mapped harbour cruise.

3. An airy ride

Sitting near the window for some fresh air during long drives is enjoyable for many. The cold breeze can boost up any travel and a harbour cruise is no exception. Unlike most boats, water taxis have wide-open areas to sit, relax and get some good air. Also, these taxis have an all-weather design, so they do not put safety in jeopardy.

4. Some social time

Taking the water taxi in Sydney alone or with a few friends can pave the way for you to meet other travellers from different cultural mediums! If you are someone who takes some time to socialise with new people on Facebook or Instagram, why miss a chance to do the same cruising at one of the world’s best harbours. Alternatively, you can break the ice and start conversations with the locals who might be cruising on a pleasant weekend. Eventually, you learn so much more about the city!

5. It’s affordable

Water taxis in Sydney can cost pretty much under the affordability range. On average, water taxis cost around $2 per kilometre. However, when you travel in groups, most water taxis offer a good discount on the price with the same comforting service. Water taxis run all 365 days, and they are super-quick, perfecting a good ride around the harbour within half an hour!

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