Why do I feel that everyone hates me?

Perhaps you are watching your friends’ stories on social media, and everyone is hanging out without you. Perhaps someone has shared harsh words with you, and you have taken them to heart.

Perhaps you are setting out in a new school or new workplace that is giving you a vibe that no one wants to hang around you.

There are various reasons you might be feeling as if everyone hates you. The feeling is more profound if you are a sensitive soul.

Moreover, people who are undergoing stress and anxiety are more likely to feel this way. It may also then contribute towards depression, meriting a visit to the Psychiatrist in Lahore.

Understanding why you feel everyone hates you

Unless you are a horrible person who is endangering the lives of people around you, it is not normal for people to dislike you. Some reasons why you might be thinking so include:

Negative thinking

One of the reasons why you may be feeling so is because of the fixation towards the negative. This downward spiral then makes you even more vulnerable.  Social media adds fuel to the fire; when you see people hanging out without you, the only logical explanation you think to be true is that they do not like you.


This refers to taking a small thing and blowing it out of proportion. Hence, you might take one thing, and then consider it to be the reason why your friends hate you. For example, if two of your friends are hanging out without you, you might think that is because you refused the invitation once long time ago, and your friends are still holding on to it.

Black and white absolutism

Some people have all-or-nothing thinking. They perceive everything is as either black or white, without catering to the grey. This absolutism then makes them jump to the wrong conclusions.

For example, if you see your friends meeting at the mall without you, you think that they hate you instead of thinking perhaps they just met by accident.

Taking everything personally

Everyone has things going on in their lives, which then dictates their behavior. Hence, not everything needs to be taken personally. If you are thinking everyone hates you, it maybe you reacting personally to everything.

Perhaps your friend is undergoing some personal issue due to which they did not respond to your text message; it does not mean that they hate you.

Changing this thinking

Thinking that everyone hates you can take extreme toll on your mental health. You also then tend to project your insecurities on your relationships as well, that may then negatively affect them then.

This feeling also makes you feel resentful towards your friends as well. Moreover, it may also then make you rather lonely, which also then takes mental toll on your health.

Furthermore, feeling as if everyone hates you also then causes self-esteem problems. You do not think yourself worthy of friendship, which may then make you vulnerable as well.

Hence, you need to consult a Psychiatrist near me that take insurance. Following are some helpful tips:

Change perspective

It is vital that you change your perspective. Give yourself some credit. Stop thinking negatively about everything. Whenever you come across such situation, you should always try to find the positives in it. Think of the what-ifs situation to draw more positive conclusions from some event.

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Liking Gap

The liking gap refers to the phenomenon in which it was found that when people come across strangers, they are always more well-received than they think they were. Hence, remember this every time you start to spiral into negativity.

Mental health

Some people think so negatively because of their fragile mental state. Problems like low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety may be the reason for such a mindset. If you are experiencing problems with mental health, you should then seek help from a Psychiatrist in Karachi then.

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