Why Magnetics Make the Everlasting Comfort Screen Door Superior & Easy To Use

Whenever we think about a door, especially a screen door leading to a backyard or to a porch, we think about ease of usage and accessibility. There’s nothing worse than having to wrestle a door open, having to constantly free one or both hands to open the door, and watching bugs fly in and out if we leave the door propped open.

However, screen doors do have a lot of advantages, and some people might be concerned about going from a full screen door to a simple doorway screen with magnets. Additionally, learning how and why magnets are so supportive for screen doors and why they work so well will help you with making your purchase.

Overlapping Flaps As A Magnet Closure

Most of the screen doors, including the screen doors at Everlasting Comfort use overlapping flaps.The flaps close over one another and then will have to be pulled or pushed away from one another to open. The magnets will always stick together, unlike sliders on the screen doors where they can break, get old, or have debris get caught in them.

Additionally, there are 26 magnets inside of an Everlasting Comfort screen door, while most magnetic screen doors have around 18 magnets for the seam. While it can be very hard to find a magnetic force that is strong enough to keep it sealed, while also weak enough where you will be able to walk through the door, the Everlasting Comfort screen door has found that force and the balance between it.

The magnetic seam is hands free and doesn’t require any extra force to get through the barrier, ensuring that you don’t need to put anything down.

Magnetic Force Keeps A Strong Seal For Bugs

Although you might wonder how a seam you can walk through can keep the large bugs out, the magnets are very powerful, and while you are able to walk through the seam, most bugs cannot. That, combined with the durable mess wiring means that bugs are going to stay out of your home. Plus, unlike a traditional screen door, the seals tend to close faster than the doors, preventing any bugs from slipping inside when the seam is open.

Still, the magnets are drawn to one another and also close quickly, quietly, and gently. Meaning that you also will never have to hear the sound of your screen door slamming again, which can be a massive benefit for people as well.

Why Are Magnets So Effective?

The magnets are indeed one of the many things that can make an Everlasting Comfort screen door so effective. However, the first magnetic screen door was commercially available in the 1990s, and it was popular for many of the same reasons as it is today. It was the perfect summertime door because kids and pets could easily run in and out of it, without having the door continue to slam.

Plus, magnetic screen doors are very easy to install as well. Unlike rigid doors, the magnetic screen doors are typically easy to hang up and attach to an existing door frame. In the case of the magnetic screen doors from Everlasting Comfort, they can hang up on any door frame from 38×82 inches, and the screen frame can be resized if necessary using the additional instructions. It’s a door frame with magnets, so you’ve got some customizability.

Why Are Magnetic Doors Better Than Sliding Screen Doors?

The ease of use is what allows for magnetic doors to be better than their sliding screen doors for most people. Having to free one hand, or worse, both to unlock or wrestle with a sliding screen door that can get stuck very easily is something that can stop a lot of people from going in and out of their screen door.

Plus, the mesh of the screen door allows for the sun and the breeze to get through as well, so if you happen to enjoy the outdoors and don’t want to have the bugs zipping all around your house, this can be a big benefit for you.

Finally, installing a magnetic screen door is much easier and less costly than installing a sliding screen door. In fact, with the Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door there are only 4 steps to install the door, as long as you have a properly sized door that doesn’t require any resizing.

Learn The Power Of Magnets

Magnets are one of the best reasons that the Everlasting Comfort screen doors are so popular. They make the door very easy to hang up, they allow the mesh to be put together, and they also let you experience the outside as well as the comfort and the bug free life of the indoors as well!

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