Why Should You Be Interested In Reformer Pilates In Camberwell?

Pilates is by no means a new exercise fad. They have been used for more than 100 years now to help injured participants regain movement and strength in their limbs. In the earliest days, it was used primarily by dancers who suffered minor injuries performing their routine. Now it is used for a variety of injuries whether it was a slip and fall or a serious automobile accident. Anyone who has lost mobility, flexibility, or strength in their limbs can benefit from pilates in Camberwell.

Most people are familiar with traditional pilates that use a mat. They are an excellent exercise technique that can provide astounding benefits to the body. However, they are not the only type of pilates nor are they always the best. Over the years, various accessories have been developed to alter the way pilates are performed and how they affect the body. The most well-known of these accessories is the reformer.

Reformer pilates refers to a specific category of pilates that uses a reformer machine instead of a simple mat. It is the preferred method for clinical pilates used in Camberwell for rehabilitation. Here are just a few of the benefits that they offer.

Controlled Resistance

As with many modern exercise machines, the reformer has the ability to adjust resistance levels to perfectly control the intensity. Resistance is modified by simply adding or removing springs to the mechanism. This means that each workout can be custom tailored to the patient’s specific needs. An individual that is further along in their rehabilitation will be able to easily ramp up the resistance and continue to see results.

Easy on the Joints

Pilates was intended for injured patients, but people with severe injuries can still have problems exercising on the mat. The vertical position of mat-based pilates places all of the body weight onto their legs. If a person is suffering from a serious knee injury, then it may be nearly impossible for them to exercise in a vertical position.

The reformer rotates the entire routine by 90 degrees. People are now exercising in a horizontal position or while seated. This takes all of the pressure off of the legs and eliminates any unwanted joint stress.

A Full Range of Motions With Many Outcomes

Pilates is a great exercise routine because it is multifaceted. It doesn’t just build strength like weightlifting or improve flexibility like yoga. It does all of these things at the same time while working the entire body. Very few workouts are so flexible and effective.

The reformer takes this benefit to the next level by adding a wide range of new potential motions. The reformer multiplies all of the advantages of traditional pilates and manages to make it an even more diverse and effective exercise routine.


If you’re rehabilitating from an injury in Camberwell, then you need to consider reformer pilates. It is an excellent treatment option for a wide variety of injuries and can also help with long-term pain management. Each of our pilates courses is customized for the individual and their specific injury. There simply isn’t a safer or more reliable method to naturally regain strength, movement, and balance.

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