Why Should You Hire An Employment Lawyer In New Jersey? 

The majority of the civil life of a grown person is spent in the workplace. Since working includes human to human interaction, things are bound to go haywire between the boss and the employee. There are some conflicts in the workplace for which you have a legal remedy while there are others that are just trivial and exact no legal action. 

If you are looking for an Essex County employment attorney, then you have landed on the right page. Law Offices of USMAAN SLEEMI is the place where you will find solutions to all your employer-employee disputes in New Jersey. They represent small to mid-sized businesses. Their expertise lies in employer-employee disputes. Thus, you know that you are hiring the best. 

Reasons to Hire an employment lawyer in New Jersey

There are multiple reasons to consult and hire a lawyer in your employment matters. Here is a list of reasons for doing so:

  1. Discrimination and harassment – with the passing of tie workplaces are becoming more and more discriminatory. Employees are subject to constant harassment in these times. The grounds of discrimination range from religion, race, gender, age, disability, etc. in such cases, employment lawyers come in handy.

They also help in the instances of sexual harassment at the workplace, which is becoming increasingly an alarming trend these days. 

  1. You are denied the perks – it is illegal for an employer to deny the benefits to an employee for the sake of saving money. an employee who is subject to this behaviour has the complete right to sue his employer. A lawyer will help you to get the remedy in such cases which will be the benefits that you rightfully deserve. 
  2. Retaliation after whistleblowing– the laws for whistleblowers in New Jersey are put in place especially for the protection of whistleblowers. This is done so that the employees may expose the ill deeds of their employers. If you find yourself to be a whistleblower, then you should hire a lawyer because you are going to need it. 
  3. Wrongful termination- one of the major fields where an employment lawyer will protect you is in case of wrongful termination. Since no employer in New Jersey can terminate an employee on trivial or unjustified grounds, you have the complete right to legal action if you have been terminated wrongfully. 


Lawyers are in the best condition to help an employee who suffers from harassment at the workplace thus, you must hire an employment lawyer. 

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