Why Should You Not Ignore Soft Tissue Injuries After A Car Accident? 

Several injuries can occur in a car accident; some are minor and cause only property damage, while significant injuries become a leading cause of death. A soft tissue injury can be major or minor, depending upon the severity of the injury. A ligament tear may be significant, while a muscle pull may be minor and resolve in a few days. 

Getting injured in a car accident can be physically and financially stressful; getting your compensation with the help of a Glastonbury motor vehicle accident attorney can reduce the financial stress. Whereas getting the proper treatment on time can lower the recovery period. 

What are soft tissue injuries? 

Broadly the tissues can be divided into hard and soft; hard tissues include bones, while soft tissues include tendons (connects bones to muscles), muscles, ligaments (connects bone to bone), etc. Any injury to these soft structures is considered a mild tissue injury. Common soft tissue injuries include: 

  • Sprain. 
  • Strain. 
  • Ligament tear. 
  • Contusion. 
  • Inflammation of the tendon (tendonitis). 

Soft tissue injuries can occur in two ways; the first is when the tissue encounters a brutal impact resulting in bruises. Second, a muscle or a soft tissue can be overstretched or pulled; this damages the structure of soft tissue. 

Why you should not ignore soft tissue injuries. 

Soft tissue injuries are not immediately visible after a car accident. A victim may feel some discomfort, which is often considered insignificant. However, with time soft tissue injuries worsen, they reduce a victim’s mobility, and the pain worsens. 

For example, whiplash is a common soft tissue injury encountered by victims of car accidents. The injury results in severe pain and stiffness in the neck region. If not treated in time, the injury worsens. In some cases, a whiplash even damages the brain. 

What is the importance of medical help after a soft tissue injury? 

Getting a complete medical check-up after a car accident is crucial as the visible injuries are treated right away. Still, soft tissue injuries take time to appear, and delaying treatment can worsen the situation. A victim should inform the doctor about any discomfort in any body area. 

Moreover, the medical records, bills, medication bills, and other bills related to the hospital can help you evaluate the compensation amount. Collecting medical bills can strengthen your argument when filing a car accident lawsuit in Glastonbury. Moreover, medical records prove that the injuries occurred due to the accident. 

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