Why to Look For When Purchasing Aluminium Ladders

A ladder is one of the essential toolsrequired in every construction. Each type of ladder comes with its specifications and use. When purchasing one, it is essential to know whether it will be helpful and serve its full purpose. This article will give details on the different types of ladders used for painting.

Types and features of ladders

A ladder is an important equipment you cannot do without when doing a painting job. Painting sometimes requires one to reach very high walls, which would be very difficult to do without a ladder. Painting ladders come in different types with different designs, and it is essential to know them as you aspire to purchase one. Let us look at them below.

Step or A-Frame ladder

These are one of the basic types of ladders for sale in Nairobi. They are not complicated, can be easily set up and folded back when the work is complete. They need to have a high-quality frame for them to be steady enough.

Extension ladders

These types of ladders are specifically designed to help painters reach very high points.They are best for inside house painting. The height of these ladders can be adjusted by sliding of a section of the ladder, giving you double or even more of the usual ladder.

Sturdy teeth are then used to hold them strong. Sometimes these extension ladders can be reduced into very small compact dimensions.

Flexible ladders

These kinds of ladders are made of fabric and can be rolled up after use. They are best used when painting small-sized spaces.

Articulate ladders

These are a more modern type of ladders for sale in Nairobi. They have the extendable feature and could provide ample space for standing and climbing. Additionally, they have hinges used for locking them to give room for the ladder to be positioned and adjusted in various positions.

Platform trestle

These are good ladders mostly for painting because they have a platform to place your paintbrushes and paint cans. This makes painting work easier as you don’t hold the paint cans as you do the job. The image below is of a platform trestle ladder. They are useful in the painting of very high walls or ceilings.

Features of a good painting ladder

  • Material – a painting ladder should be strong enough to hold the painter and his tools. Aluminum is one of the best materials suitable for such ladders.
  • Height – painting is often done on high walls and even ceilings. Choose a long ladder when buying or else an adjustable one.
  • Capacity – it is essential to know what weight a ladder can hold before purchasing. While painting, you carry with you tools and cans full of paint.
  • Space – this is another crucial factor to consider when shopping for a painting ladder. Some buildings are more prominent other have small working areas.
  • Durability –It is essential to consider a piece of equipment that will serve its purpose for a considerable time. Choose a quality ladder when purchasing one.

In conclusion, it is always good to go for a ladder that best works for you and is affordable.

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