Why you must consider secondary Chinese tuition for your kid

The ability to communicate in different languages can be a valuable asset to anyone. In Singapore, Chinese is one of the official languages. But it’s common to come across children who are more fluent in a foreign language—English, for instance—than Chinese. 

The benefits of learning the Chinese language go beyond academics. Let’s talk about the importance of considering secondary Chinese tuition for your child, whether or not your family has Chinese roots.

1. Better opportunities for socialisation

About 75% of the Singaporean population is Chinese. Anywhere you go, you’re sure to encounter individuals using the Chinese language as their primary means of communication. 

While many can understand and speak English, the majority of the population will be happy to express themselves using the Chinese language. Your children may have more Chinese-speaking peers or classmates. 

Regardless of the ethnicity of your household, it’s beneficial for children to study and learn Chinese. If your child doesn’t have many opportunities to practice Chinese on a daily basis, enrolling them in one of Singapore’s best Chinese tuition centers can be beneficial. 

This can give them the confidence to join in everyday conversations and ask questions or raise concerns without holding back. 

2. Getting in touch with one’s roots or another culture

It would be lovely to learn about your own or another culture. This will instill several lessons in children, such as respect and seeing beauty in differences. 

Globalisation can inadvertently push a person far from their own roots, so ensuring your children don’t forget their native language and culture should help them stay grounded. 

As for expat families, having children learn the Chinese language will help them understand everything around them better, including people’s traditions and daily routines. 

If you’re looking to stay in Singapore for a long period of time, your children will surely appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the country through its language. 

Professional tutors in Chinese tuition for secondary students can guide them through the process.

3. Access to a wider range of career prospects

Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages globally, often included in the top 3. 

Whether your child plans to stay in Singapore or venture abroad in the future, being fluent in the Chinese language can give them access to a wider range of career prospects.

In other countries where Chinese isn’t a native language, knowing the language also gives job seekers an advantage over other applicants.

If your child signs up for secondary Chinese tuition, they’re sure to benefit from their learning, not only while in school but in their daily lives and future pursuits as well. 

Finally, self-learning Chinese can be tough.

The Chinese language can be hard to learn for various reasons. 

A single character can represent one word, which can be confusing for beginners. And one word can have several different pronunciations, each with a different meaning. In general, there are no phonetic symbols or an alphabet, only distinct characters toonily

But the good news is that it isn’t impossible to learn. By enrolling your child in a secondary Chinese tuition programme, they can communicate more confidently, keep up and perform well in their Chinese classes, and gain an advantage in the workplace.

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