Why You Should Hire A Probate Lawyer If You Are The Executor 

When you die, the probate process settles your estate. It is a complicated process and can be time-consuming as well as expensive. It is important for the beneficiaries and the Executor that probate is handled properly. 

Using their knowledge and experience, a Boca Raton Probate Attorney can help administer the process after someone dies. They make sure that the instructions of the deceased are followed and that the beneficiaries receive what they are entitled to while obeying the law. There are many other reasons for hiring a probate lawyer

Reasons to hire a probate lawyer 

  • Drafting a Will. 

Although there are DIY options available in the market, your heirs may face the consequences if you get it wrong. A poorly drafted Will is subject to contest and causes stress during probate. The best way to ensure that your heirs get what they are entitled to is to hire a probate lawyer. 

  • Mistakes are costly. 

Mistakes can be costly, especially when involved in something like probate. Whether you are a first-time Executor or have done this before, a person without a law degree is subject to mistakes. Some common mistakes include failing to properly notify creditors, missing assets, miscalculating the amount of taxes, or under or over-valuing assets. A mistake during the process can cause a waste of time and money both. 

  • Prevent claims against the estate. 

When someone passes away, at least one person from the family or outside makes a claim against the estate. This often happens when a person who thinks they deserve to be on the Will is not listed as one of the beneficiaries. Some people may also claim that the estate is not being distributed properly. Hiring a probate lawyer will prevent these claims as a lawyer does not have anything to gain from the estate. 

  • Speed up the process. 

Probates in Boca Raton can take up a lot of time. They are complex, and handling all the details may not be a smooth process. An attorney can speed up the process by assisting you in navigating through the process and preventing you from making any mistakes that might stall the process. They can also help resolve financial or legal matters that may arise. 

  • You will get free time. 

The larger an estate is, the longer the probate is. If you work a job or have a family with children, you may not have enough time to manage so many things simultaneously. When you fail to probate the estate properly, all the fingers will be pointed at you. Moreover, dealing with legal matters right after a loved one’s death is never easy. Having an attorney by your side eliminates this frustration. 

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