Why You Should Use Inflatable Advertisements

If you browse through the product range of inflatable tent manufacturers like Extreme Canopy, you are sure to find cool accessories that come under the custom inflatables category. In this article we will see how inflatable shapes are transforming the advertisement market for the better and what makes them so impactful. But first, let us understand what makes an advertising tool effective.

What are the attributes of an effective advertising tool?

  • It has the ability to promote your brand in outdoor and indoor events.
  • It persuades fleeting customers to stop and take a look.
  • It is creative and original enough to keep potential customers hooked on for a considerable period of time.
  •  An advertising tool is always part of a broader ad campaign.
  •  It almost always has a target audience it wants to reach out to.
  •  An effective advertising tool is a smart investment and never a liability.

Now that you know what an advertising tool is all about, let’s understand how inflatable shapes are reshaping the ad market.

What are inflatable shapes?

Inflatable shapes are made of PVC. Built according to customer preferences, they can have almost any shape, size or color – basically anything the customer wants. Take for instance the Altitude Inflatables from Extreme Canopy. They were heavily employed in the build-up to the Olympic games as low-oxygen chambers to train athletes. And then there’s the massive 120ft Inflatable from the same manufacturer – a perfect example of how massive, yet stable an inflatable chamber can be.

You might have noticed campers using inflatable tents instead of traditional outdoor canopy tents. And how children love the inflatable castles in fairs and theme parks!

Inflatable Shapes in Advertisement

Unmatched versatility being their forte, inflatable shapes have been employed in the advertising industry for a very long time to attract target customers to brands. If you are a business owner, who is serious about promoting his brand to potential customers, you should think of employing inflatable shapes to serve your purpose. How can they serve you? Let’s see.

Visual Impact

The success of an advertising tool largely depends on its visual impact. It should possess the capacity to make heads turn. Traditional signage options like billboards or banners are limited to just two dimensions. No matter how brilliantly designed they are, they can never match an inflatable shape in creativity because they lose out on the extra 3rd dimension.

Custom printed pop up tent manufacturers like Extreme Canopy let you choose the shape, size and colour of your inflatable shape. Talk to the in-house designers, and create yourself a stunning 3D ad tool. Keep the following in mind while designing your inflatable ad tool.

  • The shape and size of the tool depends upon where and when it is going to be deployed. For example, if you are planning to attend tradeshows, go for an inflatable tent.
  • You can use your tent as a canvas to display your brand logo and message, and it will also serve you as a perfectly capable shelter solution.
  • Inflatable arches, on the other hand, are perfect for racing sports.
  • You can employ inflatable boundary markers in soccer fields to promote your brand.
  • Go for an uncluttered design for your brand logo. Use large and legible fonts for your messages. Make use of the bespoke services offered by your tent maker to create stunning visuals in appealing colors.

Use your imagination and rely on your instincts to create the perfect advertising tool that has the capacity to leave a lasting impression.

Brand Recognition

Visual impact invariably leads to brand recognition. When people are intrigued by your ad campaign, they will want to take a second look. This means more enquiries and publicity for your brand. Couple that with good products and service and you will have succeeded in your objective to take your brand to new heights.

Many brands employ striking inflatable shapes to draw customers to their event tents in trade shows. You might have noticed those enormous, fluttering dancing men in exhibitions. Well, that is what you call an effective eyeball grabber! 


No matter how large an inflatable shape is, they are ultimately lightweight and easy to move. The secret lies in the material used to manufacture them – PVC.

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is lightweight, durable and can be moulded into any shape you want. Colours are added during the manufacturing process to give PVC accessories their desired shades. And the material doesn’t cost a fortune! In fact, the cost-effective nature of PVC makes it a popular material among heavy duty pop up canopy manufacturers. What’s more? PVC canopies are waterproof and do a fantastic job in blocking UV radiations.

PVC inflatable shapes are easy to inflate and take down. You don’t need experts to go about setting one up. And you can carry your inflatable advertising tool from one venue to another without a fuss.


The process of manufacturing an inflatable accessory like a custom shape or tent doesn’t incur a lot of expenditure. This ultimately leads to accessories that are incredibly cost-effective and return great value for money. You can easily own an inflatable tent or other blow-up accessories without stretching your budget.


Inflatable shapes make for an effective means of promoting your brand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with a large customer base. Employ inflatable advertising tools now. 

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