15+ Email Templates Recruiters Can Use on a Daily Basis

Excerpt: Communication regularly is crucial for maintaining a positive relationship with your applicants. Here are 15+ email templates that recruiters can regularly use to communicate with their candidates effectively.

According to a poll by G2, 52% of applicants hear nothing from recruiters two to three months after submitting their applications. This is certain to produce a bad candidate experience and encourage them to refrain from applying for open positions at the same company in the future.

As a result, recruitment email templates are now even more crucial, and recruiters need to note the precise ones necessary for their daily work. The most effective email templates are constantly accessible. With the rise in technology, recruiters have now started to use recruiting software to send emails in bulk.

What is AIDA Model?

For their email outreach efforts during the hiring process, recruiting companies are fast embracing the “quality over quantity” strategy.

Bulk emails are being replaced with thoughtfully crafted, individually personalized emails that showcase each recipient’s past accomplishments, initiatives, and connections to the outreach email. Applicant tracking systems have made sending bulk emails possible.

The AIDA model is one particular technique that aids recruiters in creating better email content.

The AIDA funnel illustrates a four-step outreach procedure that effectively results in conversions. This formula has also been quite successful as a basis for high response rate recruiting emails.

Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action are all abbreviated as AIDA.

1. Attention

Getting the reader’s attention is the first stage. A pertinent subject line and email opening line can accomplish this.

2. Interest

The following step stimulates the reader’s interest once you’ve grabbed their attention. This can be achieved by providing evidence that backs up your opening claim, such as data or social proof.

3. Desire

Next, arouse interest by outlining the advantages you can provide for the reader and why those advantages matter to them/their business.

4. Action

The next step is to convert the desire to collaborate with you into a clear call to action. Then, inform your reader of the following steps and ask for a reaction.

15+ Email Templates that Recruiters Can Use Daily

Here are some top-notch recruiting cold email templates to keep candidates interested and informed daily:

I. Sourcing Email Templates:

1. Candidate Introduction Email

Subject : [Company_Name] is hiring!

Hi [First_Name],

I am [Full Name] working as a [Your Job_Title] at [Company_Name]. I discovered your profile on [e.g., GitHub or LinkedIn] and was impressed by your overall experience. [add specific field if needed]

At [Company_Name], we always want to collaborate with enthusiastic people to work for our clients [X, Y, Z companies].

I’d be happy to instruct you about this role and learn a few things about you too.

Do you have any free time this week? [Add the date and the time]

If so, I’d be glad to arrange a phone call. Of course, I can cooperate via LinkedIn or Email, if you prefer.

I wish you a wonderful day.



2. Candidate Warming Up Email

Subject line: Your application at [Company_Name] for the [Job_Name] position

Hi [First_Name],

I hope this email finds you well. In addition, I wanted to update you about the status of your job application for the [Job_Name] position.

We are currently reviewing all applications and expect to schedule interviews soon.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via Email if you have any queries.

All the best,

Thank you,


3. Candidate Evaluation Email

Subject Line: Evaluation test from [Company_Name] for your position.

Greetings, [First Name]

We appreciate you spending the time to apply for [Candidate Job Title].

For the next round of our selection process, we would like to ask you to complete an assignment.

The assignment is included with this email and can be found below. This assignment’s main goals are to assess your abilities, give us a sense of how you approach tasks that are important to your position, and provide us with some topics to further discuss.

Please return your assignment to us by [Date and Time]; we would appreciate it very much.

I am looking forward to getting in touch with you.

Best wishes!



4. Email To Previous Candidates for Newer Opportunities

Subject: Are you interested in a new career opportunity with [Company Name]?

Greetings, [First Name]

I am [Name, Job Title, Company Name]. I’m not sure if you could recall, but we first connected when you applied for [Job Title] at [Company Name] [Approximate Time Ago].

You would be the ideal candidate for this post, in my opinion, given your qualifications and experience.

Are you be available for a quick call to discuss this wonderful opportunity on [Include Date And Time]?

If this time doesn’t work for you, kindly propose another time, and I’ll do my best to make the necessary adjustments.

I hope your response comes soon and have a wonderful day.



II. Interview Email Templates

1. Inviting Candidate for First Interview Round

Subject: Selection for the interview round for [Job_Title] Role at [Company_Name]

Hey [Candidate_Name],

Thanks for applying. I’ve reviewed your application and feel you would be a great fit for the [Job_Title] role. I want to schedule an interview with you to take things forward.

Would you be free at [Date/Time] to get on a call? Reply with your phone number and I’ll get back to you.

Best regards,


2. Inviting Candidates For Their Second Interview Round

Subject: You’ve been selected for the second interview round at [Company_Name]!

Greetings, [First Name]

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the [Job Title] opportunity with our organization.

We were quite satisfied with your skills and relevant professional experience after your last interview round. In order to discuss things further and determine if you’re the greatest fit for our company, I’m glad to welcome you to the second interview round [At The Company Office/Via Phone/Video Call].

[Name of Interviewer, Position at Company] will conduct the interview, which shouldn’t last more than [X Minutes].

If you accept, could you please let us know what time on Friday you’re available?

We will see each other soon, I hope!

Best wishes for your next second interview round.



3. Follow Up Interview

Subject: Interview with [Company Name]

Greetings [First Name],

I am afraid that you weren’t there when we expected you a couple of hours ago [at 11 am]. I’m hoping all is well.

Feel free to get in touch with me if there are any other questions about the [Job_Name] role. If so, the interview can be rescheduled. If not, I’ll be removing your information from our database used for hiring.

Many thanks,


4. Job Interview Feedback Email

Subject Line: [First_Name], We are looking forward to the interview feedback.

Dear [Candidate_Name],

I’m getting in touch with you to get your opinion on the [Company_Name] interview process.

Your input would be much appreciated because we value the applicant experience. The survey contains a few brief questions that shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes to complete.

The feedback survey can be found here [link].

I’d appreciate any assistance you can give.

Thank you,


5. Rejection Email

Subject: We’re sorry but well done!

Hey [Candidate_Name],

Once more, thank you for your interest in applying for the [Job_Title] position with our organization. We can tell that you worked really hard on your application.

We regret to have to let you know that even though your resume is excellent, we are searching for someone with a different set of talents and job experience.

I will personally contact you if a future opening at our organization that might match your talents occurs.

All the best for your upcoming pursuits.

Best regards,


6. Candidate Job Offer Email

Subject Line: You have been offered the role of [Job_title] at [Company_Name]!


Your background and interview rounds have left a lasting impression on us. Thus, we are pleased to officially extend to you the post of [Job_Title].

This position is [full/part time] with [insert working days and hours] and a [X amount] annual CTC.

The [Department Name]’s chief will be your direct report. We anticipate you to begin on [Date].

This message includes the document listed below. Please take a look and if you have any queries then contact us at [Phone Number].

We wish you a Happy new journey with [Company_Name]!

Thanks a lot,


7. Candidate Onboarding Email

Subject Line: Welcome Onboard [First_Name].

Hey [First Name],

We are all incredibly happy to have you aboard!

Your start date is [Date], and we anticipate you to arrive at our office by [Time], as agreed. Please be aware that our preferred attire is [Casual/Business Casual].

Your initial days have been planned so that you can integrate into our organization properly. The following schedule contains further information.

Thanks a lot,


III. Client Email Templates

1. Email Template for Prospective Client

Subject line: [First_Name], are you really utilizing 100% of your Time?

Hi [First_Name],

I am [Your_Name] and I work for [Agency_Name]. [Your Recruitment Specialization For Target Type Of Client] is our area of expertise. Businesses like [Insert 2-3 Clients Related To The Vertical Here] and [What You Have Done For That Client] are among the ones with which we have worked.

Are you available on [DAY] for a quick 15 minutes call to discuss this further?

We’d be happy to help you. We are looking forward to a quick chat!



2. Client Follow-Up

Subject: In response to my previous message

Greetings [Prospect_Name],

I’m getting in touch with you again because I know my business will be able to convince you to use your time fully.

I request you to simply respond to this email, and we’ll move the process along.

We’ve collaborated with [Similar_Company] and met their demands. As a result, I’m sure we’ll be able to assist [Company_Name] as well.

We are excited to collaborate with you!



IV. Referral Templates

1. Employee Referral Bonus Program Announcement

Subject line: Introducing Employee Referral Bonus Program

Hi everyone,

We at [Company_name] are constantly looking to add bright individuals like you to our workforce. Consequently, we are excited to share information about our Employee Referral Bonus Program. For recommending prospects, we’ll give you [insert special incentives].

You must [add specific requirements] in order to be eligible for the referral incentive. Please let us know if you know someone who would be the ideal fit.

Please get in touch with [add appropriate person’s name and contact information] for additional information about the employee referral incentive program.

Many thanks,


2. Employee Referral from External Network

Subject Line: We’re hiring!

Hi [First_Name],

At [Company_name], we always want to collaborate with talented people and we’d like your help to find our next team member.

This person’s job description will cover [Include key duties and link to the job description].

It’s a great opportunity for a candidate who wants to work in a diverse environment and serve customers like X, Y, and Z.

If you know someone who is perfect for this role, please refer them!

Please feel free to contact me via Email or at [e.g., 1-444-555-2222], if you have any questions.

Thank you,

[Your name]

In Final Words

Did you know that 333.2 billion emails are sent worldwide as of June 2022?

With a huge number of emails to be sent on a daily basis, of course, It is challenging for recruiters to write emails. Thus, these templates come in handy for fitting your everyday agenda. Email templates also come installed with recruitment software and several Bullhorn alternatives. Keep an eye out for such ATS + CRM systems!

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