5 Different Ways Alcohol Impair Drivers

Drunk driving is the number one cause of death linked to alcohol in America, accounting for nearly half of fatal car crashes. Every DUI conviction comes with a six-month suspension of your driver’s license and a hefty fine. With the recent spike in drunk driving offending, more and more laws are being implemented to keep our roads safe. 

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Let us now see five different ways alcohol impairs drivers.

  • Affect abilities of judgment and reasoning

Drinking alcohol reduces the ability of a driver to make rational decisions and cope with his/her actions. It is important to know that the mind becomes less disciplined and accountable for what one does when drunk. This affects how a person drives as well. You will not be able to control your abilities and you might make bad decisions, like under or over-driving.

  • Slow down reactions

When under the influence of alcohol, a person loses their judgment and makes poor driving decisions that lead to accidents. These are due to not being able to react quickly enough, as well as an inability to think ahead and plan their next move. You become unpredictable and that makes you a danger on the road.

  • Upsets sense of balance and coordination

Alcohol consumption can make it hard to concentrate while driving. You won’t be able to keep your balance, will have reduced reactions, and there is a higher risk of you losing control of the vehicle. Your coordination is under immense strain and you will have problems with the steering. All these increase the risk of getting into an accident.

  • Impairs vision and hearing

Alcohol reduces the ability to see and hear sounds clearly, and that can lead to accidents. A driver should have control over his senses. But, this is not the case when a person is drunk. Drivers become careless and tend to overlook things that they normally wouldn’t, making them get into accidents or run over pedestrians or other vehicles.

  • Make you lose concentration and feel drowsy

Even if a person has had only one drink, they can feel drowsy and dizzy. But this is not the worst part. Alcohol causes you to become a risk to the other fellow drivers on-road due to your inattention, slow reaction times, and poor judgment. This is how alcohol impairs drivers differently, causing multiple accidents on-road.

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