5 Hairdresser Secrets Your Stylist Doesn’t Want You to Know!


Are you tired of your own hair getting the same basic haircut or hair colour repeatedly? Do you find yourself longing for expert hair styling tips to give your hairdos an extra sparkle? You’re in luck. We’ve got secrets from the pros that will help you unlock the true potential of your hair – no matter what length, colour or texture. From clever tricks on rocking a high ponytail like a pro to advise on caring for wavy styles – these hairdresser secrets are guaranteed to improve your look and take your hairstyle game to a whole new level! Read on if you want to get insider knowledge about creating effortless looks.

Secrets Your Hair Stylist Won’t Tell

Hairdressers often have insider knowledge and tips to help you achieve great hair. While they may not intentionally keep secrets from you, here are five insights we hairdressers that could be considered “secrets” that your hair stylist just might not always share:

  1. The Power of Product Layering:
    Product layering is a technique used by professional hairdressers to achieve optimal results in styling. It involves combining different types of hair products to create a customized hair care routine that can address specific concerns and needs. By layering products, you can ensure maximum hydration, protection, and hold while avoiding product build-up or weight-down. Hair stylists often use this technique to make your hairstyle last longer without damaging your hair or scalp. The key to successful product layering is understanding the ingredients and benefits of each product to mix them effectively. For instance, using a leave-in conditioner before applying a heat protectant spray can reduce damage caused by hot tools while keeping your hair soft and glossy. Knowing these insider tricks can transform your hair routine from mediocre to salon-quality results at home. So go ahead, and try it out, but do so with caution and be mindful of which products you’re using on your precious strands!
  2. Blow-Drying Techniques:
    Blow-drying is a crucial step towards achieving that perfect hairstyle, and stylists have developed techniques and secrets that keep their clients coming back for more. One technique is to blow-dry the hair horizontally, lifting the roots with a round brush while using cold air to set it in place. This trick adds volume, especially when you have thin hair, and prevents heat damage from focusing on one area for too long. Another little-known secret is to use a concentrator nozzle attachment to direct airflow at specific sections of hair, adding definition and smoothness while reducing frizz. The final touch? Styling products like mousse or hairspray are applied when hair is dry to lock its shape into place. With these tips in mind, anyone can transform their daily routine into an envious head of self-styled tresses – and best of all, it’s something your stylist doesn’t have to know about!
  3. The Magic of Sectioning:
    The art of sectioning is a critical component in achieving the perfect hairstyle, which seasoned hairdressers have long mastered. It involves dividing the hair into small subsections for more precise cuts and styling. By strategically separating the hair, stylists can create a balanced and even appearance in any haircut or style. The magic of sectioning also allows for greater control over the final result, ensuring that every strand is cut precisely, styled perfectly, and arranged to create an impeccably finished look. From determining which sections of hair to leave out during colouring treatments to creating intricate updos, secrets of sectioning provide expert hairstylists with unparalleled abilities that cannot be replicated at home. While not widely talked about outside professional circles, it remains an essential technique that every stylist has incorporated into their practice to ensure optimal results for their client’s satisfaction.
  4. The Right Tools Matter:
    As professional hairdressers, we know that using the right tools is essential for achieving great hairstyles. From high-quality scissors to the best blow dryer on the market, investing in top-notch equipment is important. Many of us keep our favourite tools and products a secret from clients, but we believe it’s important to share these secrets to getting salon-quality hair at home. One important tool you should consider purchasing is a heat protectant spray that shields your strands from damage caused by hot tools. A high-quality clipless curling iron can also provide long-lasting curls without damaging your hair. Styling brushes with natural boar bristles also smooth and shine your locks while reducing static electricity. Ultimately, by investing in the right tools and knowing how to use them effectively, you can achieve healthy, gorgeous-looking hair without visiting the salon regularly.
  5. Hair Health Comes First:
    As professionals in the hair care industry, we must prioritize the health of our clients’ hair above all else. While cutting and styling techniques are important, proper maintenance and nourishment of the hair should always come first. Hairdressers know that harsh chemicals and excessive heat can damage hair over time. Still, more subtle habits can also contribute to hair loss or breakage. For example, brushing wet hair or using elastic bands that pull tight can weaken the strands and cause unnecessary stress on the scalp. Additionally, certain lifestyle factors, such as diet and stress levels can affect the overall health of your hair. As a stylist, it is important to educate clients about these practices so they can maintain healthy and vibrant hair long-term.

Remember, open communication with your hair stylist is key. Don’t hesitate to ask most hair stylists for advice, tips, and product recommendations. They’re there to help you achieve the best possible hair results in the salon and your hair back at home. The best result can be seen in six to eight weeks of treatment, depending on the damage. Before you book your next appointment, make sure to do your research on the best hair salons on the Gold Coast. The right stylist can truly make all the difference. So go ahead, save money, and treat yourself to a good hair day, because now you have your stylists with the inside scoop.


What are some common haircare mistakes people make that can damage their hair?

Haircare mistakes are pretty common and can significantly damage one’s hair. One of the most common hair completely mistakes people make is excessive heat styling, which can cause dryness, split ends, and breakage of thin hair. Another common hair mask mistake is not properly caring for one own hair’s scalp, resulting in dandruff and an unhealthy hair environment. Additionally, over-washing or not washing enough can disrupt the natural balance of oils in the hair, resulting in dryness or oiliness. Brushing or combing too aggressively or using the wrong tools can also lead to breakage and damage. Lastly, using products with harsh chemicals such as sulphates and alcohol can strip the hair of its natural moisture and make it weak and brittle. It is essential to avoid these mistakes while incorporating a proper hair care routine consisting of gentle yet effective cleansing, nourishing treatments, regular trims, and gentle styling techniques to maintain healthy-looking locks.

What are some professional styling tips only a stylist knows but doesn’t typically share with clients?

As a stylist, I utilise tips and tricks to make my clients look their best. One tip not often shared with clients is the importance of undergarments. Wearing the right foundation pieces can completely transform how an outfit looks on you. This includes investing in quality shapewear, choosing underwear that won’t create visible panty lines, and selecting bras that fit properly and provide adequate support. Additionally, creating balance in an outfit is key. This means considering proportions and playing with layers to add depth to an outfit. As a stylist, I also pay attention to small details like tucking in shirts properly and rolling up sleeves at just the right angle – all of which can make a big difference and a significant difference in the overall appearance of an outfit.

Whats the best way to revive dry or damaged hair at home?

To effectively revive dry or damaged hair at home, it is important first to assess the root cause of the damage. Possible causes include excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, harsh weather conditions, and poor nutrition. Once the cause of hair change has been identified and addressed, a deep conditioning treatment can be applied to restore moisture and repair any damage. Ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter, and coconut oil have hydrating properties that help nourish and strengthen hair strands. Additionally, using a sulfate-free shampoo and avoiding hot tools can prevent further damage. Regular trims are also necessary to remove split ends and promote healthy hair growth. Consistency in maintaining a healthy hair care routine is key in reviving dry or damaged hair at the salon or home.


Whether it’s just a trim, or a full makeover, it’s important to inform yourself on how best to approach your next hair appointment. Practicing good care and communication with hair stylists and your hairdresser can help ensure that you get the look that you want, while also maintaining the health of your hair. With these insider secrets, any person can become an informed client and obtain desired hair styling results. Using natural products instead of chemically strong ones can play a vital role in preserving the health of your locks and allowing you to wear fashionable and confident styles. It is time to take control of your locks and start functioning as an empowered customer; by doing so, you will get the most out of each salon visit.


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