5 Indoor Signage Perfect for Every Business

Effective signage plays a crucial role in two key aspects: firstly, it aids customers and clients in locating your business and building trust in your brand. Secondly, it communicates important information about your business and the quality of your services. However, the power of good signage doesn’t stop at your entrance; you can harness it indoors to ensure your message remains prominent wherever your customers or clients may be.

Indoor business signage serves an additional purpose by assisting people in navigating your office space independently, thus maintaining order. Furthermore, well-designed indoor signage can transform your workspace into a distinctive and lively environment for both your employees and clients, enhancing their experience during visits.

To give your facilities a unique and appealing appearance, consider incorporating these five different types of indoor business signage.

Discover These 5 Indoor Signage Ideas for Your Business

1. Directory Signs

Directory signs play a crucial role in assisting visitors as they navigate your office space. They provide valuable information about the location of offices and individuals, making it easier for visitors to find their way. Moreover, these signs contribute to your brand’s identity by offering a professional and organized impression to guests.

Directory signs are often the first point of contact for new visitors or clients. They not only welcome them but also guide them to their desired destination within your premises. These signs serve as the backbone of an effective interior signage system, enhancing navigation, and orientation, and maintaining consistency throughout your office.

A well-designed directory sign offers a comprehensive overview of your building, aiding individuals in selecting their destination within your establishment. Additionally, they can incorporate supplementary information such as maps or floor plans, both indoors and outdoors, to further enhance the visitor experience.

2. ADA Signage

ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, plays a pivotal role in ensuring public places are inclusive for individuals with various disabilities, ranging from visual impairment to mobility challenges. Compliance with ADA guidelines is imperative for all permanent signs on a property.

ADA signs serve as vital aids for individuals navigating through office buildings, and their placement is critical. To assist you in selecting the appropriate locations for ADA signage, consider the following tips:

  • Entries and Exits: Clearly marking every entry and exit point within the building is essential, especially fire escapes. Including Braille signage at these locations is a thoughtful addition, facilitating easy identification for those with visual impairments.
  • Parking Spaces: Differentiating parking spaces for employees and customers with disabilities is essential. Install signs to reserve these parking spots, ensuring that visitors are aware of where they can park conveniently.
  • Elevators: In buildings with multiple businesses and numerous floors, having well-defined ADA-compliant signs near elevators is crucial. These signs provide guidance for disabled individuals seeking to navigate between different levels within the building.

3. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are crafted from a resilient thermoplastic material that allows for the transfer of graphics. These signs offer a range of compelling benefits. They are resistant to moisture, lightweight, durable, and can be cut into various shapes. Additionally, acrylic signage can showcase a vibrant spectrum of ink colors, resulting in stunning and vivid prints. You have the option to either fully cover the acrylic panel with ink or leave a transparent background.

One of the standout features of acrylic signs is their contemporary aesthetic, which often eliminates the need for framing. Typically, acrylic prints are accompanied by sleek polished metal standoffs that elevate the image an inch or two from the wall, adding a stylish touch to your office decor.

4. Plaques

Cast metal, renowned for its enduring charm and durability, serves as an ideal medium for indoor signage. Typically, plaques are employed to narrate the historical narrative of your organization. However, they can also serve to commemorate the present moment or offer an optimistic glimpse into the future.

Choosing plaques instead of conventional lobby signs can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your workspace. When you opt for departmental signage using plaques, it introduces a unique touch compared to the more common signage methods. If your business boasts an iconic logo, consider showcasing it as a standalone plaque.

Plaques are not confined to interior use; they excel as building markers, both indoors and outdoors. Their resilience allows them to withstand various weather conditions when displayed externally.

5. Dimensional Sign Letters

Dimensional sign letters, often referred to as 3D or raised letters, provide a versatile and cost-effective choice for your signage needs, whether it’s for the exterior or interior of your building. They lend a distinctive touch to various spaces, including lobby signs, conference rooms, and different departments within your organization. When used outdoors, they serve to make your establishment more noticeable.

These markers are typically affixed directly to the exterior of your building, but they can also be integrated into a monument sign or mounted on a panel that can then be installed on your property. Dimensional sign letters offer a stylish and practical way to enhance your business’s visibility and aesthetic appeal.

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