5 Types Of Paint Perfect For Houses

When planning a house painting project, a significant concern is which type of paint is the best. It would help you know that different paints are used for interior and exterior spaces. This article will delve into the nuances of painting your house, what you should look for in a residential painting company, and how you can increase the value of your home with a simple paint refresh.

Water-Based and Oil-Based Paint

Just as the name suggests, water-based paints are made of water. An outstanding aspect of this type of paint is that it is mold resistant and helps you achieve a uniform look on the painted area for a long time. Water-based paints are an ideal option if you are looking for a quick fix as they don’t take long to dry.

On the other hand, oil-based paints are made of oil and take a while to dry. An upside of these paints is they are durable; hence, you don’t have to worry about repainting for an extended period. You, however, need to know that to remove the paints, you’ll need to use harsh chemicals such as turpentine. Read more

Latex Paint

Latex paint is also water-based paint; hence, it will take a shorter time to dry. Cleaning this type of paint is easy as you can wipe it off with warm water. When the surface painted with latex is not exposed to light, you can be sure the paint will resist yellowing even after a long period. If working with a tight budget, this is one of the paints to go for as they are less expensive than oil-based paints.

Enamel Paint

This type of oil-based paint to consider if you are looking for a glossy finish for your exteriors. To achieve the best results, it would be best to consider professionals from Wilko Painting who have the skills to satisfy your painting needs. With enamel paint, durability is guaranteed when hardened. Cleaning this type of paint is easy to clean; hence can be used on stain-prone surfaces.

Acrylic Paint

This is considered one of the best water-based paints in the market as it has acrylic as the binding agent. Acrylic paint has adhesion properties making it the best choice for exterior areas or rooms that receive the most traffic, such as the living room. Even when exposed to steam, you can ensure that the surface will not become yellow. It would, therefore, be best that you consider this paint for your bathroom or kitchen. What’s evident is that acrylic paint best suits various house painting projects. 

Paint Finishes

Some finishes have enamel components that make the surface hard after the project. Apart from being durable, paint finishes help noise reduction and minimize heat loss. What is more, this type of paint requires minimal maintenance.

Note that before painting any surface, it would help to apply a primer, a sealer that helps clean any impurities. Also, when choosing paint for your project, be considerate of the material and the location of the surface. This enables you to pick a durable type of paint that will guarantee a beautiful aesthetic of the area.


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