Apps that assist you to broaden wholesome behavior, conquer procrastination and enhance your first-class of existence.

My whole existence, I struggled with time blindness and procrastination. by no means getting everywhere at the time. While it became hard to be past due in an workplace setting, being past due isn’t an alternative now that I paintings from home. I locate myself frequently now no longer sitting down at my table till the early hours of the morning. The worst component is that I do not know what I did all morning. My trouble isn’t sticking with my routines – I love my morning yoga and my canine walks – it’s getting them commenced faster with out being distracted or distracted via way of means of non-pressing family responsibilities.To get my existence in order, I attempted plenty of apps to diminish my procrastination and prevent spending that plenty time gambling on line on line casino games.


Useful for: An all-singing, all-dancing existence overhaul

Cost: From unfastened or at PS43.99/yr top class

It performs jangly tune which makes it experience like you’re in an enchanted wooded area. It’s really extra like an enchanted wooded area at four am whilst you have to be sleeping. Instead, you are sitting subsequent to Eden, who is attempting to sign up you in a Kangen water program.

It makes use of behavioral technological know-how that will help you broaden wholesome behavior. I just like the reality that it shows a primary dependancy, which include consuming water whilst you awaken after which asks you to hold it going for 3 days. It is feasible to create a day by day habitual that you could follow, which may be beneficial for people who procrastinate.

The app could be very busy. If you want motivational ‘letters, day by day coaching, and ‘journeys’ to get at the proper tune, this is probably the proper one. However, you’ll want to improve to the top class model which will get entry to those features. There are higher options in case you need a extra easy morning habitual app. However, it’s far feasible to create a confined habitual with Fabulous’s unfastened model. The app became puzzling at instances. There became an excessive amount of to do and it became now no longer clean what I had to do.

I loved my seven-day unfastened trial of Fabulous, however the consistent notifications asking me to go back have been an excessive amount of.

Streaks for Android handiest

For: Forming new approaches of living

Cost: From unfastened or a flat charge of PS2.sixty nine for top class

The app works on dependancy streaking. This is in which you do your preferred undertaking(s), over a non-stop period. Although the aim of this recreation is to hold your streak intact, it handiest suggests you your longest streak for every undertaking with a calendar view.

It’s quite simple and may be used that will help you begin a brand new dependancy, which include workout each day or getting away from bed every morning. However, it wasn’t sufficient to encourage me.

The unfastened model can handiest upload 5 behavior according to calendar day, so it became now no longer proper for my morning habitual which has extra. It became prepurported to take me back to the fact to finish the responsibilities. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The Premium model is to be had for a PS2.sixty nine flat price and unlocks limitless monitoring.

Streaks (Apple handiest).

Useful for: Breaking horrific behavior

Cost: PS4.forty nine Flat Fee

The Android model of this app is similar to the Android one, however it became advanced via way of means of a one of a kind developer and is plenty extra advanced. Streaks may be used with the iOS Health app, in addition to your Apple Watch. It is likewise beneficial for popular morning routines.

The interface is plenty extra enticing than different streaks apps. It has massive icons for every undertaking that may be pressed after completion. This permits you to peer what wishes to be done. This app is handy due to the fact you do not want to set each undertaking for each day. You also can have as much as 12 responsibilities on your day by day habitual.

You can upload desires to responsibilities, e.g. Instead of simply “going for a run”, you could upload a time or distance aim. You also can upload poor responsibilities, e.g. To assist you keep away from those, you could use Instagram to publish as quickly as feasible.

You can see your development on a graph. This is certainly really well worth the funding in case you are decided to create a brand new habitual.


Good for: Accountability

Cost: Starting at PS13/month (for the once a year plan).

GetMotivatedBuddies, an internet-primarily based totally program, may be used for your computer (a massive plus for me as I am effortlessly distracted via way of means of my phone). It additionally works for your smartphone, that is similar to an app, and you could set up an internet shortcut for your homescreen.

Positive reinforcement is used withinside the app, now no longer streaks like different apps. I additionally like that you could create one of a kind plans for one of a kind days. My morning habitual for days after I run isn’t the same as the only I do now no longer.

You can time table SMS or electronic mail reminders that ask you to test in earlier than every hobby on your plan. These are wonderful due to the fact it’s far a small settlement with your self that the undertaking can be completed. Once the undertaking is completed, mark it as completed.

I determined the reminders demanding as I had a lot to do, however I accept as true with they may be important for me to live on tune. After you get right into a habitual, you could flip them off. It became additionally irritating to must set your very own time and now no longer have the ability entire the responsibilities on time. As a freelancer, this indicates I can awaken at my desired time, so I don’t have an alarm that wakes me up each morning. The fine component approximately this app is the cappotential to locate every other person who may be a real-existence responsibility friend on your plans. Being raised Catholic, I thrived on disgrace. I idea that having a person who knew what a failure it became might assist me get again on tune. But, disgrace is so deeply-rooted in my being that I actually have by no means been capable of friend up with anyone. It stored me a lot time via way of means of spending a while growing a custom plan the night time earlier than. I am quite time-blind so I underestimated the time it might take to finish responsibilities. However, after some days, I had figured it out and became again at my table via way of means of the cease of day four. This isn’t an exaggeration after I inform you that that is the primary yr, likely ever, that I actually have commenced paintings on time table. This app became my preferred, however it became a long way past my budget. If you suspect having an responsibility friend might be a wonderful idea, it is really well worth the funding. You additionally get a unfastened 5-day trial to strive it out.


Useful for: Tracking your development on your day by day behavior

Free of Cost

Although the Habits interface appears a piece dull, it does the activity. The app permits you to create a habitual and set reminders for every undertaking. You also can tick off behavior as you go. If you overlook to tick off a dependancy, the app will remind you. You can set them to vanish after finishing every undertaking. This allows you live motivated. You can tune your development via way of means of clicking on every dependancy. You can create ‘yes’ or ‘no’ behavior. This is a manner to screen development. The app is designed that will help you construct streaks. Habit frequency may be set as day by day or weekly. This may be irritating for me as I run each day. Instead, faucet two times to cancel that dependancy for the day. This might not have an effect on your streak, however it is able to cause cheating. This app became now no longer for me, however it is probably beneficial to people who need to broaden wholesome morning behavior.

Roubit (Android handiest).

Good for: Getting organized

Free of cost

Roubit is every other app that helps streaks. It permits you to enter your day by day habitual, with begin and cease instances for every undertaking, and set reminders. It became clean for me to overlook the reminders, because it’s going to simply flash up “Yoga” in preference to being extra motivating, which include, “Are you geared up to exercise yoga?” The app is straightforward to apply and you could make a brand new habitual every day. You also can scroll thru the listing effortlessly to peer what is developing for the following few days. The primary capability of development monitoring is to expose you your maximum streaks for every undertaking and your cutting-edge streak. You also can view a calendar view with glad faces and unhappy faces. Although the interface isn’t very exciting, it does its activity and it is absolutely unfastened. The app is fine for a person who doesn’t depend too closely on reminders and simply wishes a few assist making plans their day – it became my preferred of all of the streaks apps however now no longer sufficient to assist me with procrastination.


Good for: Procrastinators

Cost: From unfastened or PS8.forty nine/yr top class

This app became my preferred. You set your habitual (figuring out how lengthy every undertaking have to take), and as soon as you have commenced, there’s a countdown for every undertaking. The balloon appears cute, so that you can see how plenty time you’ve got got left. It’s wonderful due to the fact you could open it every time you need, rather than looking ahead to it to begin. I do not have an alarm and awaken at 6 am to set the reminder. The app then begins offevolved after I rise up from bed. It’s clean to alternate the order of your responsibilities and pause them. This is beneficial in case you want to interchange among responsibilities midway thru. You also can screen your development however it handiest does so for the entire habitual, now no longer every undertaking, that is pretty restrictive. This one is my preferred as it suggests you the way lengthy every hobby took. It additionally helps you to understand what time you’ve got got spent on every hobby, which truly helped me comprehend how procrastinating I became. Although the portraits appearance infantile and the font is comedian sans, I am capable of stay with it as I do not pay a penny. With the unfastened model, you could create one or extra routines. The top class model charges handiest PS8.forty nine/yr and is wonderful for growing one of a kind schedules on one of a kind days. Although uplifting does not paintings miracles, I’ve determined it has helped me to peer the responsibilities that I actually have cast off and the way I can restoration them. A poor issue is that there’s no widget to remind you whilst a undertaking is in development. I overlook to finish responsibilities on my app. I hold getting notifications complaining that I have not used the app. This frustrates me.

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