Benefits of Installing An Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces have always been there since the old days. The only difference is that with technological advances, people have come up with better environment friendly designs like electric fireplaces.

Fireplaces do more than just warm up rooms; they are used for aesthetic purposes too. There are different designs and sizes of cheap electric fireplace online to choose from. These includes wall mounted fireplaces, remote controlled, electric fireplace mantels, and inserts, to mention a few.

A fireplace is a great investment for people living in cold areas. They transform a place and offer a variety of functions. Let us discuss the benefits of choosing an electric fireplace.

1. Cost-effective

Having an electric fireplace is cost-effective as opposed to having a gas or wood fireplace. You do not have to worry about running out of fuel with this type of fireplace. With wood, you must have enough wood to keep the fire burning. Individuals with no wood in their homes have to buy them in large quantities and store them.

There is also the stress of adding logs into the fire so that the fire does not die out. It works the same way as gas fireplaces. You might run out of gas anytime. An electric fireplace just requires you to have electricity in your home and is as simple as plugging it in a socket and it fires up.

2. Environment friendly

Many people prefer efficient products that support the ‘going green’ culture. It means that all products used do not pollute the environment. An electric fireplace is energy efficient since it does not use gas or wood which are pollutants.

Wood produces smoke that creates sooth and is also harmful because it interferes with oxygen supply in a room. Smoke once released in the environment may also interfere with the ozone layer which may result to acidic rains or harsh sunrays.

Gas is very harmful especially when exposed to explosives. It may cause fires if not properly and carefully handled. Having a gas fireplace is dangerous in a household full of children. Gas leaks are dangerous in enclosed rooms.

Electric fireplaces are green. There are no leakages or smoke when using them. There is no air pollution when using them. See more here

3. Safety

When purchasing a fireplace, you have to take many things into consideration one being having children and furry pets. It is risky to have blazing fire in a house with children or pets. Electric fireplaces do not have direct, burning fires.

The fire is fake and has no heat therefore does not burn. This is safer for children and pets since they will not burn in case they touch it out of curiosity or an accidental fall. Do not risk the lives of your children by having direct flames in your home.

In addition to that, the fan is entirely closed in a grill meaning no cuts or accidents will happen when you are not around to monitor your children. The grill is reliable, safe, and saves you from unplanned hospital visits because of accidents that could be avoided.

4. Flexibility and customization

Electrical fireplaces offer a lot of flexible features thanks to technological advances. There is a wide range of designs in the market like electric stoves and wall mounts. Individuals living in apartments with a crammed space can opt for fireplaces that serve as TV stands too.

The flames also come in different colors. Since they are remote controlled, you can select a color of your own preference. The intensity of the flames is also adjustable. The beauty of the different colors, especially in a room with lights turned off, creates a beautiful display and ambience. It also has a thermostat control that be adjusted to an individual’s preferred temperature.

5. Easy Installation

It is easy to install an electric fireplace as compared to the others. A wood-burning fireplace will require a chimney, pits, hearths, and building permits. On top of all these requirements, the installation may be messy. For gas fireplaces, you must have gas lines.

Electric fireplaces need a simple and quick fix and it starts working after the firebox has been plugged into an outlet. No matter how big the fireplace is, the labor and installation process is simpler than that of gas or wood-burning.

It is also easier to install one in a room that was not built to accommodate a fireplace. It is as simple as mounting on a wall. Unlike other fireplaces, individuals living in rented apartments and condos can install electric fireplaces. Click here to read more advantages.


You need not worry about someone realizing the fire is fake. The flames here look just as real as those in a wood-burning fireplace. These kind of fireplaces serve best individuals who do not want the stress of maintenance. They do not require constant ash and sooth clean-ups. All you have to do is wipe the front glass or replacement of the light bulb once in a while.

After comparing the pros and cons of all types of fireplaces, you will discover that electric fireplaces are the better option.

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