Buying Window Curtains the Right Way

If you just started buying interiors for your new home, then curtains must be on the list. Window screens don’t just aid in flaunting your home’s look but are also highly functional. To start with, they prove a great deal in keeping up your privacy at home with the windows open for some breezy evenings. Window blinds act as an excellent insulating agent and protect your wall paints from direct sun rays.

However, choosing the appropriate curtain material plays a vital role in benefiting from all the perks. Curtain shopping requires some basic knowledge about the types and size ratios. If you aren’t a pro in such concepts, here is all you need,

Things to consider while shopping for curtains

Window panels need the right-sized, fabricated and coloured screens to complete the look as welcoming home decor. Today, you will come across names that you never heard during window curtain shopping. Eventually, it becomes significant to narrow down your choices to end up with the right one!

1. Start with the fabric

When buying window treatments, there are numerous things to consider. The type of drape you want is one important consideration. Do you prefer a heavy drape that will offer greater seclusion or a light, breezy drape that will let in loads of sunlight? One of the things that may make or ruin a room are drape curtains. They can be chic and fashionable or dowdy and out of date. The way you drape them makes all the difference. Therefore, if you’ve ever questioned how to hang curtains professionally, your questions are over.

Varying curtain fabrics can change the look of the curtain and eventually the room’s appeal too! Some draped curtains might not fall in place as the material turns out to be heavy and intricate. It’s always better to go with lightweight fabrics like cotton. However, if you choose cotton, remember to drape the marks and then line them.

Go for cotton curtains that have enough weaves to make them stand upright without crinkling. Silk can be the next best option as it leaves an essence of luxury and richness. When it comes to quick draping And strong pleats, silk curtains can do magic! Other curtain material options include polyester, linen and velvet as they hand appropriately. Rayon is another desirable alternative if you are allergic to most fabrics. Recently, laced curtains are in vogue and, you must try them to have a romantic charm and feel.

2. Get the numbers

Undoubtedly, taping the window size is necessary to get the right ones fixed. However, taping the length can be varying with different styles to oblige. If you want a more aesthetic look, then go by buying a bigger size. Make sure the curtains are some extra inches long. By doing so, you’ll have them flowing down the floor! Alternatively, if you want a compact and modernized design, mark the precise sizes.

Also, decide if the panel will be put up from the edge or some inches below. It will determine if you must detect the window size above. With the width, don’t be stingy to put the exact size but add up some inches so that you get the creases fluffed adequately.

3. Colour and pattern choice

The wrong coloured size can impact the brightness of your room and draw a mismatched appeal on the walls. So, the thumb rule is that you first furnish the rooms and then go for shopping curtains. It will ensure that you only buy the curtains that match the furniture colour. To create a coordinated appeal, go with curtains having light tones of the wall colour. Alternatively, you can pick darker hues if your room has a cool-shade wall colour.

4. Be clear with the types

Though you merely want curtains, you would come across the other types, namely, some drapes or shades. The prime difference between the curtain types is the functionality. Curtains offer minimal sun protection and privacy you need. On the flip side, drapes can work well for Australian summers. Lastly, the shades or blinds can help in directing sunlight because they are made out of slats!

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