FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Ranking of the Eight Quarterfinalists

The FIFA World Cup quarter-finalists for Qatar 2022 have been decided. Find out which of the top eight teams has the best chance of winning.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has almost reached its climax as the teams get ready for the quarterfinals. While the tournament has been full of surprises, the Round of 16 finished quite predictably.

However, there were still some surprises, like Portugal’s 6-1 victory against Switzerland. Among the final eight teams that have been picked, seven of them are ranked within the top 12. 

It is only Morocco, the 22nd-ranked team, that is somewhat of a wildcard. Nonetheless, the team has performed much better than fans’ expectations. The rest of the six teams have an equal claim to winning the entire tournament.

But which teams have the best chances? Let’s take a look:

Number 8: Morocco

Ranking Morocco at No. 8 simply shows the depth of the remaining teams. Even with international stars like Hakimi and Ziyech, Morocco might still be the weakest among the quarter-finalists.

Number 7: Croatia 

Croatia has been fueled by the same players that carried the team in 2018. Lovacic and Modric have performed fantastically, with Perisic acting as a top-class winger. However, the team will still have a tough time winning against the hot favorites, Brazil.

Number 6: Netherlands 

The Netherlands has had a relatively comfortable run in the tournament. With Depay, Dumfries, and Lewandowski in the team, the Netherlands has a decent chance of winning.

Number 5: Portugal 

Even with Ronaldo on the sidelines in the first half, Portugal demolished Switzerland with Ramos, a 21-year-old. As this is the final World Cup for the legend, the team is very driven to win the entire tournament.

Number 4: Argentina 

Despite losing to Saudi Arabia during the initial game, the Argentinian team has bounced back hard. The team currently boasts players capable of defeating any team in the world.

Number 3: England 

After ditching the 3-man central defense, England seems to be on a roll. The move has kept the defense intact while giving the attack the necessary boost, making England a viable contender to be the World Cup winner.

Number 2: France 

With Mbappe leading the team’s attack, France seems to be on top of its game. The team started as a heavy favorite and is most likely to make it to the finals as well.

Number 1: Brazil 

Brazil also entered the World Cup as a fan favorite and has maintained that persona, except for one loss against Cameroon. With only one goal conceded in the past three games, Brazil looks to be the top pick among football fans across the globe.

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