House Cleaning Guidelines For Moving-In House Owners

There are many house cleaning guidelines for moving-in house owners to follow. All moving in house owners naturally love to move-in to a very clean, dust-free, neat and cosy home. Such a lovely home needs meticulous, tedious, laborious and detailed cleaning. If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, it is rather impossible to achieve this standard. It is best to get a good professional house cleaning service. For cleaning services Semenyih, contact Cleaning Services Malaysia, to book an appointment for your house cleaning needs.

Basic House Cleaning Guidelines

Listed below are some basic house cleaning guidelines for the entire house:-

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1. Disposal of construction waste

Most importantly is to dispose off safely all the rusty nails, construction debris or sharp metal objects left behind by the house renovators after the renovation work. This will prevent unforeseen mishaps or accidents.

2. Vacuuming and dusting

Vacuum and dust all ceiling and walls to remove not only the dust but also unsightly cobwebs hanging at the corners of the walls and on the ceilings. Use a powerful vacuum with an effective suction for best result.

3. Wiping and cleaning

More time should be spent on wiping and cleaning the fixtures and furniture in the house. Start from the top to the bottom because the dust will slowly settle down onto the floor.

i) Start wiping and cleaning all the ceiling and wall lights.

ii) Then wipe and clean all the ceiling fans.

iii) Wipe and clean all the air-conditioners.

iv) Wipe and clean all the glass sliding doors and windows.

v) Wipe and clean all the metal grille windows and doors.

vi) Wipe and clean all the mosquito netting (if any).

vii) Wipe and clean all the furniture consisting of wardrobes, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, display cabinets and countertops.

viii) Wipe and clean the antique furniture set.

ix) Wipe, clean and polish the leather settee.

x) Wipe and clean all the sofa settee.

4. Sweeping and mopping

i) Finally, sweep the house thoroughly.

ii) After sweeping, use a good and effective mop to mop dry all the parquet flooring with just plain water. Make sure it is dry so as not to damage the parquet flooring.

iii) Mop at least twice the marbled or tiled flooring, using an effective floor cleaner to remove the grime and the dirt from the floor.

iv) Use an effective stain remover to get rid of all stubborn stains such as food or old coffee or any drink stains and grease.

5. Wash kitchen and bathroom sinks

All kitchen and bathroom sinks must be scrubbed and washed with an effective cleaning chemical which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. This process ensures that the sinks are squeaky clean and their shine is restored.

6. Wash the bathrooms

i) Use a brush and a good effective cleaning chemical to scrub, wash and clean the tiled walls of the bathrooms.

ii) Wash the toilet bowl with a good brush and an effective cleaning chemical to remove all ugly stains in the toilet bowl.

iii) Scrub the bathroom floor with a good brush to remove all the soap and greasy stains on the floor. Use plenty of water to wash it off.

iv) Use a good eco-friendly sanitizer or deodorant to deodorize the whole bathroom and the toilet bowl.

7. Wash the porch, balcony and all the outdoor areas

Scrub the tiled floor of the porch, balcony and all outdoor areas. Use plenty of water to clean these areas.


My suggestion here is to leave this tedious, laborious and strenuous  house cleaning job to the professional house cleaners. These professional house cleaners are well-trained, experienced and highly-skilled in house cleaning. They are organized, systematic, efficient and fast in their job. I can guarantee you that you will be greatly satisfied with their house cleaning service. Your money is well-spent in hiring their service. You get your money’s worth because you get to enjoy living with your family in such a dust-free, spick and span and cosy home. Your precious time and effort is better spent by focusing on your own money-making businesses instead.

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