How Dual Diagnosis Improves a Substance Abuse Treatment Plan

A dual diagnosis center is put into place to help those with an addiction, but also those with a mental condition. When you have depression, anxiety, or other conditions such as bipolar disorder, you need additional help.

Because your mental condition will affect your addiction and your recovery in a different way than someone without one, you need to take advantage of a center that has additional treatment options for you.

When you are ready to enter into a treatment center, consider the following reasons a dual diagnosis treatment can help you recover safely.

Why It Matters

A dual diagnosis treatment matters because treating the addiction alone won’t solve the problem. It will help you recover, but you will still have the underlying reasons to abuse alcohol or drugs. For example, someone who has chronic depression may drink to numb their pain. Others use drugs to quiet their mind and when it stops working they use more and more not caring that they could be causing damage to their body.

Now, from this example, you can see that treating the addiction isn’t enough, because you will still want to self-medicate where you shouldn’t. This is unfortunately one of the biggest issues for people that suffer from mental conditions. They can’t take the noise in their head, so they begin to look for alternative methods to ease their pain.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Helps You Avoid Relapse

Relapsing is a part of addiction that no one wants to face, but it does happen. However, with this type of treatment it is easier to avoid this happening because you’re tackling your mental condition at its core and learning trigger mechanisms that can not only help with your mind, but work to show you that your condition doesn’t have to rule your life. By using these techniques, you remain grounded and you can gain a sense of control over your issues that you didn’t have before.

An example here would be obsessive compulsive disorder. People with this type of disorder will notice that they have intrusive thoughts and ticks or rituals that they feel they have to perform. Through a dual diagnosis treatment however, they can learn breathing amongst other coping methods can calm them down and help them avoid reaching for the substances to escape their reality.

A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Can Help

When you have too much static in your mind and you can’t focus, know that there is something you can do about it. While it can be debilitating to have a condition that affects you on a daily basis, a treatment center will have a dedicated staff that is knowledgeable about what you’re going through, but also how to help you move past it and learn how to take care of yourself properly.

Having the care of an attentive staff makes all the difference with this type of treatment because you get the chance to help yourself heal from issues that have been affecting you for years, not just days. Put your focus where it needs to be and you will find that you have a better future.

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