How much does it cost to study abroad in Australia?

Australia is one of the most popular countries for Chinese students to study abroad, so how much does it cost to study in Australia for a year? This is a topic of concern to many Chinese parents and students who study in Australia. Students studying abroad at their own expense need to pay tuition fees and living expenses. Under normal circumstances, the cost of studying in Australia for a year is about 200,000-250,000 yuan.

Living expenses for one year studying in Australia

The cost of living in Australia is also very different from region to region, and the living standards in different regions are very different. It is understood that the average living cost of Australian international students is 1,000 Australian dollars a month, and the basic consumption of rent and car fares is about 180 yuan a week, and the rent is about 150 yuan.

In terms of living expenses, the cost of accommodation is relatively large. According to the different accommodation methods, the annual cost is roughly 35,000 to 60,000 yuan. As for food, clothing, transportation and other expenses, it also costs about 5,000 Australian dollars (equivalent to 32,500 yuan) a year.

If you can find a job, you can basically cover the living expenses of studying in Australia for one year. Generally, the salary of part-time work in Australia is about 10-15 Australian dollars per hour.

The official data provided by the Australian embassy shows that the cost of studying in Australia is 12,000 Australian dollars, or about 70,000 yuan.

One-year tuition fee for studying in Australia

The tuition fees for studying in Australia is about 20,000-35,000 Australian dollars per year for graduate students; 16,000-35,000 Australian dollars per year for undergraduates; 14,000-35,000 Australian dollars per year for middle schools; 200-450 Australian dollars per week for English courses.

The tuition fee accounts for a large proportion of the cost of studying in Australia for one year, and the tuition fee is greatly influenced by the reputation of the school, the region where it is located, and the major. For example, science and medicine courses are more expensive than liberal arts courses.

Ordinary universities require about 100,000 yuan a year, and the tuition fees of Group of Eight in Australia are 250,000 yuan per year.

Universities located in Sydney and Melbourne, such as Monash University, generally charge about 18,000-22,000 Australian dollars for undergraduate and master’s courses, while universities in relatively remote areas, such as Charles Darwin University, charge about 11,000-15,000 Australian dollars.

The above is a brief introduction to the cost of studying in Australia for one year. Australia has a high level of education. In comparison, the cost of studying in Australia is in the middle price range among several popular countries, but the cost of studying in Australia for one year is also affected by the exchange rate.

The tuition fees of famous schools are higher than that of ordinary colleges, and the cost of studying in Australia varies greatly between different majors.

All 42 universities in Australia have similar tuition fees, but there are large differences between courses. The top 8 majors in Australian universities are all above 20,000 Australian dollars. Some first-class universities such as Monash University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney and other universities all range from 22,000 to 30,000 Australian dollars. Courses in medicine, law, and engineering are much higher. For example, medical courses charge not less than 30,000 Australian dollars per year, and law charges about 25,000 Australian dollars. Since Australian universities offer Combined Degree, there is a double degree after graduation, but the tuition fee is not the sum of the two tuition fees, so the choice is more worthwhile. In addition, most Chinese students need to learn language, and the English course fee is about 320 to 350 Australian dollars per week. For this, you can choose to study the preparatory course in China before going out, which can save a lot of language costs and greatly reduce the risk of studying abroad. Excellent preparatory grades can also help students win scholarships and save some living expenses.

Living expenses

Different regions in Australia have different consumption levels. Cities along the southeast coast have relatively high living standards. Rent accounts for the vast majority of students living abroad. Due to the large increase in housing prices in recent years, the rent in Sydney will exceed other areas by 30%-50%, and the rent ranges from 200-350 Australian dollars per week. If adding the coasts of food, transportation, travel, telephone bills, clothes, entertainment, textbooks, etc., the usual total expenditure is about 400-500 Australian dollars per week. Melbourne is a city with reasonable consumption value, and the weekly cost of students can be controlled within 350-400 Australian dollars. The cost of living in other parts of Australia will be lower, especially food, where $80 a week is already a luxury. Students living in Sydney need at least 15,000-18,000 Australian dollars in living expenses per year, about 15,000 Australian dollars in Melbourne, and about 12,000 Australian dollars in Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia.

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