How To Give Your Home A Vintage Look With Blinds

Old world charm, an era that is mesmerising and eternally relevant. The vintage look adds depth to the interiors, giving them character and a warmth that is inviting and reassuring. The look also translates into an appearance of inherent richness and style, which is not affected.

The world of interior decoration is brimming with vintage ideas and looks to add an old-world charm to your home. Window blinds are one of the most visible, practical, and economical additions to your interiors. Even though window blinds are a modern-day innovation and are often fitted in offices and public buildings to enhance the streamlined, no-fuss professional environment, blinds are specially designed, keeping the vintage look in mind.

The options for a vintage touch to your home or office are available in natural and artificial materials. The most popular blinds for the old-world charm are the Venetian timber and wooden blinds, along with the aluminium blinds in varied designs and colours dating back to the vintage era.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Wood is one of the most versatile natural materials that exude warmth and character. Wood lends a feeling of cosiness that is once welcoming and exclusive, a feeling of a haven. In the olden times, real natural wood was used to dress the windows with Venetian blinds. Still, with the world becoming more considerate about the planet and adapting to eco-friendly materials, Venetian blinds are now available in faux wood or blinds with wooden effect designs or layering. The manufactured materials do not compromise the original wooden blinds. The choices have multiplied with the introduction of Timber Venetian Blinds in manufactured materials, with various colours, designs, textures, and finishes. And they are also more economical. What could be better than saving money and the environment without sacrificing the vintage look and feel of your home, private office, or conference room?

The slats of blinds in Timber-style Venetians are manufactured with such precision that it is almost impossible to differentiate them from real wood. Real wood’s natural graining and texture are now achieved with machines in a factory. Made from polystyrene, the blinds are low-maintenance and long-lasting due to their resistance to water and other elements.

Choose from:

Timber style Venetians: Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. You can now extend the vintage wooden look of your living room into your kitchen and have a harmonious look for your bedroom and ensuites. Completely washable, the timber-style blinds have child-safe tassels and cords, made safe by the cord tensioning device specifically installed, keeping your child’s safety in mind.

Timber look Venetians: Man-made blinds styled to look like natural wood, with graining and durable colours. Perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes that appreciate the vintage effect. Create a welcoming, warm look in the economical alternative to wood.

Mockwood Venetians: As the name suggests, these blinds are made of faux wood without compromising on the wooden effect and feel. An economical and practical alternative to window shutters, the Mockwood blinds come in many finishing effects and colours. Manufactured with precision in a lightweight material that is economical, water resistant, and very easy to maintain.

Choose from natural wooden tones like timber, cedar grove, mahogany and more, or select from basic mineral tones and shades to befit your lovely home and office.

The vintage look wooden blinds are available with both manual and motorised devices for the exteriors. You can also choose blade-style slats or roller slats horizontally or vertically.

With the use of these stylized blinds, one can transform their space rendering a vintage look, allowing the interiors to feature a fantastic compatible décor.

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