How to Make Your Home More Attractive and Modern with Abstract Art

What if a few small changes could completely change your living space? Embedding abstract art is an art style that only works with modern environments and furniture due to its clean lines and muted colours. However, the truth is that these types of artwork can light up any living environment, even the most traditional.

When it comes to home decorating, people always want to create something unique and attractive that reflects their style and taste. But they rarely want to leave their comfort zone and try something they hadn’t thought of before. You can also explore the best and most beautiful artwork on Wudzo, an interior designer in Bangalore. Wudzo is a highly design focused yet deeply consumer friendly interior design firm that came into existence in the year 2017, when a group of professionals decided to aim for the highest standards of design

Contrast with Your Furnishings

When choosing artwork for a particular space, consider the aesthetic elements and how they might blend in with your existing decor. In a large, sharp geometric area, wavy lines and mixed colours often work well.

It’s important to think about how you’ll hang your artwork because this can help unify the space. The black thin metal frame can perfectly imitate the table body. The proximity of the artwork to the table top helps bring the two different features together. So you can use this type of interior design to decorate your home.

Colour coordination

Use art to enhance the colour palette that already exists in your home. When looking for artwork, consider the colours that are most striking in your chosen space. And look at your favourite artist groups to see what works they could complete.

Don’t be afraid to choose a piece in colours that complement your décor and have a contrasting tone or colour that shows through. This is an easy way to add more colour to a room.

Corner cut

No matter the size of your living room, there is likely to be an unused wall space that could benefit from a work of art. Look at the angles. A lamp or a small table is often placed in the corner.

Alternatively, if the room is small, the furniture can extend into the corners. However, angles can also be a source of opportunities. A piece of art hung in a corner can add a sense of movement and life to a room.

Confirmation frame

Abstract paintings are often bought frameless, so you can decide which hanging style is best for your home. Low highlights or darker tones in artwork work well for a strong border. These types of pieces should be hung near the top of the sofa. It gives the room a clean and tidy atmosphere.

Always measure the entire area when hanging in this style. Don’t forget to consider the width of the frame before deciding how much space you want to leave between works. Don’t be tempted to fill the space horizontally by leaving too much space between the pieces. Otherwise, they can sit in the back seat and lose their effect.

Dare to be humble

When it comes to incorporating abstract art, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Gentle work can have as much impact as larger pieces, and it’s a great way to fill in small or neglected spaces. It’s tempting to hang one large piece over a mantel or headboard.

Small pieces with heavy frames and strong geometry look beautiful against artfully patterned wallpaper in a neutral tone. The vertical hanging of a series of artwork draws attention and increases the height of the room.

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