How to Refinish Your Basement and Stick to a Budget

If you’ve recently bought one of the Detroit houses for sale and are already looking to start increasing your home’s value, know that the basement is one area that lots of people look to eventually.

Finished basements are fun because they add more living space on top of what you may already have in your living room, dining room, and bedrooms.

A finished basement can be a place for anyone in a family to hang out, and it’s cool because it’s underground, at least partially, and away from the rest of the world.

Given all that, though, it isn’t exactly cheap to finish a basement, and you may need some tips on completing yours on a budget.

We’re here to lend a hand! Here are three tips for finishing your basement on a budget.

Do What You Can on Your Own

Once the structure of the basement is laid out (no way around redoing some walls if that’s what you really want, expensive or not), it will probably be time to paint. Maybe you’re painting over some hideous color of a previous owner or just painting entirely new drywall.

The point here is to handle this painting yourself. We all seem to know that paint can go a long way in a house, but you don’t need professionals to give a room a decent paint job. Taking this job on by yourself will save you a ton of cash.

Go for Carpet

Look, a finished basement should be cozy, right? So why not go for carpeting?

See, some people will spring right for the tile flooring because it looks nice, better than carpet, in their minds.

The thing is, if you do have a budget for this project, carpeting is going to be so much cheaper than tile. The main argument against carpet is that, since your basement is below ground level, you risk getting moisture inside and then having a moist, moldy carpet.

But there are types of subflooring you can get where spacing between the foundation and the actual floor allows any water there to evaporate.

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It’s something worth looking into to save some money in the long run.

Go Simple

Finally, we have a suggestion for saving on your basement finish: go spartan, go simple. A finished basement is more than enough for some people: they’re just happy they have another living space and don’t really need it to be mansion-worthy.

If you want to enjoy your finished basement, grab a sectional or couch or comfy chair, a TV, a few side tables, and what have you. You don’t necessarily need the best of the best or to have someone put in can lighting or add in fancy molding or fit out that corner for a bar you’ll never use.

Make this a practical space, and you won’t even have to consider going over budget for your project.

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